Calvino 100. Collective at the Sms Municipal Library

Calvino 100. Collettiva alla Biblioteca comunale Sms
Calvino 100. Collettiva alla Biblioteca comunale Sms
Biblioteca Comunale SMS
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A collective art exhibition to celebrate Italo Calvino's work and promote its reading among students and the community. This is the one that will take place from Friday 10 November to Sunday 10 December at the Sms Municipal Library in Pisa, on Viale delle Piagge, where 36 works by 18 different artists will be on display. Through their art, they will explore and reinterpret the most famous works by one of Italy's most important writers. The exhibition, curated by Riccardo Ferrucci with the critical contribution of Alessandro Romanini, is promoted by the Municipality of Pisa with the economic contribution of the Regional Council of Tuscany and with the collaboration of Casa d'Arte San Lorenzo. It will be open from 10 November to 10 December with the following opening hours: Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 19.00; Saturday, from 10.30 to 19.00.

The initiative is part of the 'Calvino 100' project, which includes, in addition to the exhibition at the Sms municipal library, a series of educational activities dedicated to schools, with the aim of initiating an interdisciplinary discussion on the work of Italo Calvino. Guided tours are planned, mainly aimed at the third classes of local middle schools, in which students will have the opportunity to participate in short lectio magistralis on Italo Calvino, discussing his literature starting from the works on display.  The "Calvino 100" project is an opportunity to celebrate one of the most important and illustrious Italian writers on the centenary of his birth, analysing the author's work in its relationship with art. It will also be an opportunity to involve students, promote culture, art and reading, and make the municipal library known as a cultural venue.

These are the artists who will exhibit their works: Massimo Barlettani (Volterra, 1956), Luca Bellandi (Livorno, 1962), Roberto Braida (La Spezia, 1953), Fabio Calvetti (Certaldo, 1956), Alessandra Carloni (Rome, 1984), Claudio Cionini (Grosseto, 1978), Elio De Luca (Pietrapaola, 1950), Andrea De Ranieri (Pisa, 1975), Giuliano Giuggioli (Vetulonia, 1951), Andrea Gnocchi (Gallarate, 1975), Giuseppe Linardi (Buenos Aires, 1971), Giovanni Maranghi (Florence, 1955), Francesco Nesi (San Casciano Val di Pesa, 1952), Ugo Nespolo (Mosso, 1941), Ciro Palumbo (Zurich, 1965), Marco Saviozzi (Lucca, 1963), Matteo Tenardi (Castelnuovo Garfagnana, 1984), Skim (Florence, 1985).