World Fashion Kids Festival

World Fashion Kids Festival
World Fashion Kids Festival
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The fifth edition of the World Fashion Kids Festival will kick off on Wednesday 28 June.

After the forced stop due to the pandemic, the festival returns to Italy and for the first time will be held in Pisa from 28 June to 2 July.

Delegations from seven countries will be present to support the festival: Kenya, Armenia, Romania, Ukraine, Italy, Poland and Georgia. Participants will be able to get to know the culture and historical sites of the city, meet representatives of Italian fashion, and take part in the competition for the most creative photo against the background of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

The theme of the World Fashion Kids festival in Pisa is 'Viva Carnevale'. The highlight will be a gala show in the centre of Pisa under the arches of Logge di Banchi on Friday 30 June at 17:30. The show will open with an exhibition of a collection of costumes on the theme of carnival, which the participants have prepared and sewn themselves. A collection by the famous Ukrainian designer Andre Tan and beaded costumes from the Ternopil College of Fashion and Design will also be presented.