Bernstein: the sense of the sacred

Bernstein: il senso del sacro
Bernstein: il senso del sacro
Chiesa di San Michele in Borgo
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On Sunday 26 May at 9 p.m., the Church of San Michele in Borgo will host a concert for choir, treble voices and ensemble entitled 'Bernstein the Sense of the Sacred'.

Bernstein's relationship with music always passes through a reflection on religion, even when he seems distant from it: even the song 'Maria' (one of the most famous pieces of the musical West Side Story) begins with the three notes (or rather, with the two intervals of the scale) that for Bernstein represent divinity: do-fa#-sol.

The protagonists of the concert are: the Choir of the Pisan Philharmonic Society (prepared by Giovanni Del Vecchio with Ilaria Casai as vocalist), the Children's Choir of the Pisan Philharmonic School (prepared by Maestro Maria Michela Raimo), Ilaria Casai herself (as soprano soloist) the young baritone Andreas Garivalis, Laura Ada Brasile as solo white voice and with the participation of three extraordinary instrumentalists Matteo Venturini on organ, Lisetta Rossi on harp and Antonio Brasile and Enrico Spizzichino on percussion, all under the direction of Maestro Giovanni Del Vecchio.