Renzo Galardini. June in Pisa

Renzo Galardini. Giugno a Pisa
Renzo Galardini. Giugno a Pisa
Museo della Grafica
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On the occasion of the Giugno Pisano, on Thursday 30 May 2024 at 6 p.m., the Museo della Grafica of Palazzo Lanfranchi (Municipality of Pisa, University of Pisa) opens the exhibition Renzo Galardini. June in Pisa, curated by Alessandro Tosi. 

The exhibition presents a series of works related to the city of Pisa, its history and its most striking events.

On this occasion, the two original posters created by the master for the Pisan New Year and the Gioco del Ponte are on display. 

As emphasised by the Councillor for Historical Events, Filippo Bedini, the initiative is part of a rich programme aimed at enhancing the most peculiar aspects linked to the traditions of the city of Pisa.

RENZO GALARDINI. Born in Pisa in 1946, Renzo Galardini graduated with Guglielmo Malato and Vitaliano De Angelis at the Art Institute of Lucca, where he later became a teacher. He then attended the set design course at the Florence Academy of Fine Arts.

A painter, engraver and ceramist of profound sensitivity, Galardini has held solo exhibitions in Italy and abroad, publishing numerous graphic editions. His visionary universe is nourished by highly cultured quotations that are interwoven with absolute technical mastery and rare expressive finesse with suggestions of fairy-tale and popular timbre.

Galardini has participated in important engraving exhibitions such as: 1981, Presence of Graphics in Tuscany, Castiglioncello; 1986, Biennial 'Tono Zancanaro', Vico d'Elsa; 1987, International Graphic Art Exhibition, Tampa, Florida; 1992, VI International Biennial Graphic Art Exhibition, Trento; 1993, Repertorio per incisioni italiane, disegni e stampe, Bagnocavallo; 1998, Incisione a Pisa nel XX secolo, Pisa; 2008, Leonardo Sciascia Amateur d'Estampes, Milan; 2012, Biennale d'incisione "Carmelo Floris", Nuoro; 2021, Mitografie e altre favole. Le stampe di Renzo Galardini, Museo della Grafica, Pisa.

Important scholars and art critics, including Dino Carlesi, Enzo Carli, Giuseppe Cordoni, Elisa Gradi and Nicola Micieli, have written contributions on his work.

Renzo Galardini lives and works in Montescudaio.



Pisa, Museo della Grafica - Palazzo Lanfranchi (Lungarno Galileo Galilei, 9) from 30 May 2024.