Palio di San Ranieri 2024

Palio di San Ranieri 2024
Palio di San Ranieri 2024
River Arno
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The Palio di San Ranieri is a historical re-enactment event that is part of the Traditions of the history and identity of Pisa. The Municipal Administration organizes on June 17, on the occasion of the Feast of the Patron Saint Ranieri, a rowing Palio that takes place on the waters of the Arno River between four boats, which refer to the ancient "Galere Stefaniane"frigates of the Order of the Knights of Saint Stephen. The historical re-enactment draws its origins from the Palio in honor of the Patron conceived and promoted in 1935 by the local ENAL section. The re-enactment event takes place chronologically in the sixteenth century, during the Battle of Lepanto on 7 October 1571.
The race is held in the Arno on a path of 1,500 meters, countercurrent, by boats combined with the four historic districts of the city: San Francesco with the yellow, San Martino with the red, Santa Maria with the heavenly and Sant'Antonio with the green. Each crew consists of eight rowers, a helmsman and a "fitter". The latter must climb on a flagpole ten meters high, placed at the finish on a floating platform and retrieve the flag that symbolizes the conquest of the "Paliotto". Two (symbolic) ducks, on the other hand, represent the little coveted recognition for the last classified.

The competition will start at 19:00 with the boats that will compete for 1,500 meters against the current from the bridge of the Citadel, at the headquarters of the Rowers Arno, until arrival at the Port of Renaioli.
The race will be preceded at 18:00 by the historic river parade with 4 boats and the presence of 20 participants accompanying the altarpiece of the Saint.

In the afternoon, before the river parade, will be held for the second edition of the Lega Navale Pisa Trophy that will be held on the distance of 500 meters, in the stretch of Arno city between Ponte di Mezzo and Ponte della Fortezza from 14:30 to 17:00. The zonal sprint race, valid for the national ranking and reserved for male and female crews of cadet, students, boys, juniors and seniors on boats Elba - Jole, is organized by the Federazione Italiana Rowing Sedile Fisso together with the ASD Billi of Pisa and with the collaboration of Lega Navale Pisa and Federazione Italiana Salvamento Acquatico.

- 18:00 departure from the Bridge of the Citadel of the river procession that will arrive around the Renaioli Airport: here is expected the landing of the participants, with the transfer of some of them on the boat boarding
- 18:30 draw of water lanes
- 19:00 start of the competition
- 19:30, finally, at the Port of Renaioli, the ceremony of delivery of the Palio.

The crews shall:

  • Blue boat (Santa Maria) - Edoardo Margheri, Mirko, Barbieri, Luigi Mostardi, Alessandro Bernardini, Edoardo Pagni, Luca Romani, Edoardo Bellani, Flavio Ricci, Timoniere Gabriele Ciulli, Montatore Joel Solomon Devine.
  • Red boat (San Martino) - Gianluca Santi, Matteo Stefanini, Simone Tonini, Leonardo Pioli, Manuel Igneri, Gregorio Menicagli, Tommaso Carmignani, Sasha Sicurami, Helmsman Marco Bellani, Editor Michele Ognibene.
  • Green boat (Sant'Antonio) - Gadducci Matteo, Vitarelli Lapo, Sbrana Daniele, Barandoni Simone, Gadducci Francesco, Martelli Andrea, Simoni Tommaso, Colombini Matteo, Timoniere Mollica Alessio, Montatore Tenze Jacopo, reserve Brillante Paolo, Disappointed Thomas, Coach Micaelli Federico.
  • Yellow boat (San Francesco) - Michele Pratesi, Cini Lorenzo, Del Carratore Davide, Cavatorta Leonardo, Lisiak Patrik, Federico Dini, Saggese Vito, Marocchelli Leonardo, Timoniere Pellegrini Riccardo, Montatore Nicola Rizzo.

Fair of San Ranieri. For the feast of the Patron, San Ranieri, appointment with the traditional fair that takes place throughout the day of Monday, June 17 on the stretch of Via Dini, Via Corsica and Piazza dei Cavalieri.

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