RiscopriAmo Pisa: astronomical observations in Piazza del Duomo

RiscopriAmo Pisa: osservazioni astronomiche in piazza del Duomo
RiscopriAmo Pisa: osservazioni astronomiche in piazza del Duomo
Piazza del Duomo
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On Saturday 11 May it will be possible to observe the sky through telescopes in Piazza dei Miracoli.

The event is completely free of charge and is part of the second edition of 'Riscopriamo Pisa', a cycle of 100 free guided tours. The Municipality of Pisa is organising the evening, dedicated to the astronomical observation of celestial objects, in collaboration with the 'Astrofili Tampiano' group - which will provide experience, equipment and instruments suitably equipped for both ocular vision and photographic shooting - and with the support and availability of the Opera della Primaziale Pisana. For the occasion, an unprecedented Piazza del Duomo will be admired, with reduced lighting to allow the telescopes to detect the faint light of the objects of the celestial vault, chosen for observation. 


8:45 p.m. meeting in Piazza Del Duomo
9:00 p.m.greetings and introduction by His Excellency the Archbishop of Pisa, Giovanni Paolo Benotto, to the theology of the monuments in the Piazza
9:25 p.m.guide to astronomical observations by the astronomy group
9:40 p.m. start of the observations with telescopes made available for ocular viewing and live images collected by astronomical sensors
11:15 p.m. conclusion of the event 

All citizens are invited to participate without the need for a reservation.