Classic#jazz at the Gipsoteca

Classic#jazz alla Gipsoteca
Classic#jazz alla Gipsoteca
Gispoteca di Arte Antica
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Associazione "Chi vuol esser lieto sia..." presents "CLASSIC#JAZZ" for Il Salotto Musicale VI edizione" with the patronage of the Municipality of Pisa.

Saturday 24 September at 6 p.m. at the University of Pisa's Gipsoteca di Arte Antica e Antiquarium in collaboration with Laboratorio MuseOggi of the Department of Civilisations and Forms of Knowledge.

Music by Pergolesi, Chopin, Ravel, Debussy, Satie and others performed by Anna Ulivieri - flute, Luigi Pieri - clarinets and sax, Stefano Quaglieri - guitar, Nino Pellegrini - double bass and Massimiliano Fantolini - piano.

Some of the standards, the pieces that make up the vast repertoire from which the jazz musicians draw, are inspired by melodies composed decades earlier and sometimes even centuries earlier, thus conceived in different eras and artistic and cultural contexts. What these tunes have in common is their beauty and the fact that they are very interesting, so that they continue to arouse the desire for experimentation as well, and so they return as a starting point to perhaps even modify every harmonic, melodic and rhythmic module.

"CLASSIC#JAZZ" was born out of the admiration of a number of musicians from different backgrounds for those who, before them, had spotted themes in the endless classical library that could be chosen as standards and the desire to make them resound again with their own new interpretation (as in the case of "The Lamp Is Low" from Ravel's "Pavane puor une enfante défunte" or "My Reverie" from Debussy's "Reverie"), but also from the curiosity to look for others hidden among the masterpieces of perhaps Monteverdi, Bach, Pergolesi, Chopin.

The concert will be preceded by an introduction to the museum's collection by Dr. Chiara Tarantino and the projection of the video "Il concerto sospeso" realised for the contest "2020, L'anno sospeso" with subject and direction by Anna Ulivieri, filming, editing and post-production by Marco Rosati, sound recording and mixing by Dario Lucente and graphics by Francesco De Conno.

Admission to the concert is free and by reservation only

Info and reservations: tel: (+39) 050 2211278 e-mail: