Exhibition Manca sempre qualcosa at Museo della Grafica

Mostra Manca sempre qualcosa al Museo della Grafica
Mostra Manca sempre qualcosa al Museo della Grafica
Museo della Grafica
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An important and eagerly awaited appointment, the exhibition "Manca Sempre qualcosa..." ("Something is always missing...") is scheduled at the Museo della Grafica (Palazzo Lanfranchi) from 1 April to 2 May, curated by Davide Rondoni, Massimo Trocchi and Paolo Pesciatini.

The video, photographic and graphic works exhibition and an installation is intended to be a heartfelt "homage", as expressed in the title, and an "invitation to reading" made up of images, video projections, films and artistic works. The exhibition, set up in the rooms of Palazzo Lanfranchi, is divided into four sections:

- "I, Pier Paolo Pasolini". A video exhibition produced by the Casa Testori association and curated by Giuseppe Frangi.

-Matera, my Jerusalem'. 25 shots of Domenico Notarangelo on the set of "The Gospel according to St. Matthew".

- "To Pier Paolo". 13 shots by Elio Ciol.

- "A desperate lack". Graphic works and an installation by Stefano Tonelli.

The opening of the exhibition is scheduled for Friday 1 April (5 p.m.) at the Museo della Grafica in Palazzo Lanfranchi (Lungarno Galileo Galilei). 

To take part in the inauguration, booking is required at the following link: https://museodellagrafica.sma.unipi.it/prenotazione-eventi-speciali/