Videoarte, Cinema e Musica all’Arsenale

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Thursday 19 th the cycle of projections dedicated to video art and twentieth century music will be inaugurated. Robert Cahen, famous French video artist, and Matias Guerra, musician and artist, will illustrate in a meeting at 12:00, the Department of Civilizations and Forms of the Knowledge of Pisa, their recent work inspired by "Imaginary Landscape n.5" by John Cage.
In the afternoon at the Arsenal headquarters, Cahen will comment on his urban video portraits in the relationship with the music while Matias Guerra at 9.00 pm will perform his video-musical work inspired by Kubrick. All this will be by: Sandra Lischi, Alessandro Cecchi, Andreina di Brino and Elena Marcheschi.
Here is the afternoon program that will offer the Arsenal Thursday 19th:
-16.30 = "The house by the sea" by Robert Guédiguian
-18.30 = "City in music" by Robert Cahen (Free admission)
-21.00 = "Nekrotzar" by Matias Guerra
The weekend will continue at the Arsenale with the replay of one of Thursday's projections.
From Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd:
-16.30 - 18.30 - 20.30 - 22.30 = "The house by the sea" by Robert Guédiguian.