Waiting for Metarock

Zen Circus
Zen Circus
Piazza dei Cavalieri
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Great programming for Giugno Pisano, which in the evenings of the 8th, 9th and 10th of June will be on the stage in the Knights Square of the first-rate artists selected by the Metarock Cultural Association. The mini-review will take the name "Waiting for Metarock" (the historic Pisan music event takes place around September) and will have the honor to host Bobo Rondelli in: Ciampi I see you, young and prolific Levante singer-songwriter The Zen Circus, a band renowned all over the country, born in Pisa.
"Ciampi I Do See It" is the show that the labo songwriter Bobo Rondelli, tireless and prolific artist, devotes to illustrious fellow-countryman Piero Ciampi, a masterpiece of masterpieces in the '70s that reinvented our songwriting. A minimalist, Bobo show: a coffee table, a glass of wine and a few lights, accompanied by his friends Fabio Marchiori at the keyboards and Filippo Ceccarini at the trumpet, with the sole purpose of emphasizing the music and the cursed genius of Ciampi. The Metarock Association chose to invite Bobo Rondelli to showcase Piero Ciampi with a show already known in theaters throughout Italy, and not only, but for the first time is represented in the square.
The fastest Ascending of Levante, the singer who is already a pop icon, begins in summer 2013 when his single "Alfonso" (now a hit and a generational manifesto) dominates both radio airplay and squares And festivals throughout Italy. Growth is unstoppable and sustained "by four hands" by its adorable audience and critics, unanimously in consecrating it as "the new rising star of Italian music." The excellent results of the new album, "In The Caos Of Stupid Rooms", announce a Great success for the singer, who is preparing to bring live new songs throughout Italy in the spring and summer 2017, starting right from the stage of Piazza dei Cavalieri.
After eight records, an eighteen-year-long career, the Pisces group The Zen Circus celebrated the age with a new, unreleased album, "The Third World War," released on September 23 for The Storm Discs. The Zen Circus has built a credibility that can be shared by very few other artists, thanks to the most incessant, urgent and quality live activity you can imagine. And that is why there is already a great desire to see them on stage for one of the first dates of their summer tour.
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