The Palio of San Ranieri

Palio San Ranieri
Palio San Ranieri
Lungarni Pisa
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The Palio, dating back to the XIII century approximately, celebrates the patron of Pisa, St. Ranieri, and it takes place on the Arno river.
Each boat represents one of the historical districts of Pisa (San Francesco, San Martino, Santa Maria, Sant’Antonio).
Every crew consists of rowers, an helmsman and an “assembler”.
The assembler has to climb a 10-m flagpole, placed on the finish line on a floating platform, and to get the flag representing the conquest of the “Paliotto”.
The program

At 7 pm the parade on the river with the exposure of the Pala di San Ranieri.

At 9 pm the procession of the listed prizes and students of the School of Education of the City Historical Events. 21.30 Arno parade of Fregate neighborhoods of St. Anthony,
St. Francis, St. Mary and St. Martin.

At 10 pm the start of the Palio by rowing. The arrival of the Scalo Renaioli.
The Palio location: 1500 meters upstream from the bridge of the Citadel at the headquarters of the Rowing Arno and ending at Scalo of Renaioli. 
The boats used are inspired by the "frigates" Order of the Knights of Santo Stefano: are built in a fixed seat fiberglass. 
The crew is made up of eight rowers, the steersman and editor. 
The latter has to climb on one of the 4 ropes that reach the top of a flagpole 10 meters high, placed at the finish line, and grab the blue stake, symbol of victory. 
Two (symbolic) goslings instead represent little coveted award for the last classified.