The Game of the Bridge

Gioco Del Ponte
Gioco Del Ponte
Ponte di Mezzo
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The Game of the Bridge
The game consists in a match between two factions of the town, Tramontana and Mezzogiorno, which are separated from the Arno river.
The teams compete for the victory on the main bridge (Ponte di mezzo) showing their strength and strategy in an engaging competitive atmosphere.

The origin of the game dates back to the Middle Ages, with the aim of keeping the citizens away from the idleness and of training the young people in the warlike endeavours.

Before the “battle”, there is a , which simulates a military parade called “Mostra delle Schiere”, with more than 800 characters.

Themajestic historical parade in costumes: at 6 pm .

Gioco del Ponte: at 10pm.

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