Sulla stessa barca. Event at Palazzo Blu

Sulla stessa barca. Evento a Palazzo Blu
Sulla stessa barca. Evento a Palazzo Blu
Palazzo Blu
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As part of the exhibition 'Oceans, the last frontier', curated by Marco Cattaneo director of National Geographic Italy and open at Palazzo Blu until 4 September, the meeting open to the public 'On the same boat: protecting the seas between the climate crisis and other threats' will be held on Thursday 14 July. 

The United Nations Ocean Conference concluded in Lisbon on 1 July with the adoption of a political declaration committing world leaders to promote action to safeguard the oceans by combating marine pollution, fishing activities dangerous to the survival of commercial species, loss of biodiversity and the acidification of the seas. And on the health of the oceans also depends our well-being, for economic reasons, but not only. From the oceans, in fact, comes more than half of the oxygen we breathe. 

Starting from this premise, the event will be moderated by Marco Cattaneo and will have as guests Serena Giacomin, meteorologist and climatologist, president of the Italian Climate Network, and Mariasole Bianco, marine biologist and president of Worldrise, an association for the protection of the marine environment that has launched the 30X30 initiative in Italy to protect 30% of our waters by 2030.  

An evening at the museum to explore current climate trends and their influence on the oceans, starting with the warming of the Mediterranean, to understand what future awaits us and what measures can be put in place to limit the damage. Because we do not have a planet B. 

On the occasion of the event, which will be held at 9 p.m. outdoors in the garden of Palazzo Blu, the museum will remain open until midnight with the possibility of visiting not only the exhibition 'Oceans, the last frontier' but also the exhibition 'Connections. Telling Hope' and the permanent collection.  

Last admission by 11.00 p.m.