“Storia perfetta dell’errore” con Roberto Mercardini

Roberto Mercadini E1559577902325
Roberto Mercadini E1559577902325
terrazza Belvedere
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"Perfect history of the error"
Events with culture: Roberto Mercardini
Belvedere Terrace - Tirrenia, 9 pm
Organization: Officine Garibaldi
"We are all born of imperfect things. We are all uncertain, in a precarious balance. Any beauty of which we can shine is carved into this fragility. "
Pietro Zangheri, paleoanthropologist, loves precision. Whether it's organizing a dinner or dating a prehistoric find, it doesn't want anything to be left to chance. He also loves difficult companies, and in fact dreams of overcoming the dreaded exam for the eighth dan of kendo. Finally, she loves Selene, a young translator who has black eyes and looks like she is made of fire: he designs, she messes up; he measures every gesture, she only plays by instinct; he is silent and reflects, she turns on and blazes. When Selene discovers that she suffers from a disorder that makes her even more unpredictable, she runs away, convinced that Pietro, obsessed by perfection, cannot stand next to someone like her. He does not know that his man has a firm and patient heart, and he already has a plan to win her back: he will tell her the stories of the most wonderful "mistakes" ever. Like that of Galileo, who was able to see the Moon by pointing the telescope in the wrong direction; or that of Michelangelo, who gave birth to his David from a block of rough-hewn marble. From the genetic errors, the engine of evolution, to the very human ones that every day make us fall, get up, lose and fall in love, Roberto Mercadini finds the most tender and delicate way to remind us that it is precisely from chaos and imperfection that the most things are born. beautiful.