Stagione di danza al Verdi

Lo Schiaccianoci Ph Fabio Serino S
Lo Schiaccianoci Ph Fabio Serino S
Teatro Verdi
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Teatro Verdi Dance Season. Also this year, the inauguration, near Christmas (Thursday, December 21st), will be entrusted to the Southern Ballet with a title popularly loved by the public for its appeal to the warm and joyful Christmas atmospheres, The Nutcracker, in a version , successful, to Tim Burton signed by Fredy Franzutti. Next, during the festivities on January 6th, a multidisciplinary concert-show for more publics, for three Italian excellence together on stage - Africa Unite, Architects, MMContemporary Dance Company, in real-time OffLine, which will make multimedia and of the diversity of artists involved in a strength and power.
February 17th will be the turn of Rossini Ouvertures, a tribute to the artistic and human figure of the great composer of Pesaro, whose 2018 will be the one hundred and fifty years since his death, proposed by one of the main expressions of dance made in Italy, Spellbond Contemporary Ballet , for the choreography of Mauro Astolfi. While the 15th martial artist Virgilio Sieni, "among the very few able through the movement to create compositions that still speak of humanity, its weaknesses and fragility" (Goffredo Fofi) with the new creation around Petruska.
On 7th April, the first national show of the company's new show at Teatro di Pisa, the imPerfect Dancers Company, Empty Floor. After a series of folk ballets applauded in recent years, the ensemble returns to its origins: "The creative process will not follow a story, but will be guided by the feeling of vacuum and fall," says choreographer Walter Matteini.
These are the five subscription titles, with prices ranging from 80 to 40 euros. But the season also offers, as usual, the young dance of the author who will be in the Church of Sant'Andrea the main event of two different events, in the framework of the actions promoted by the anti-XL XL network, of which the Teatro di Pisa Toscana Mostra Spettacolo onlus are members. And for subscribers discounted 50% discount for these two shows.
The program completes a series of meetings / conversations with choreographers and interpreters, at the end of the show, edited by Silvia Poletti, journalist, critic and lecturer in History of Dance; and the "Book That Show" initiative, XI edition, promoted by the national Agis.
For information: Fondazione Teatro di Pisa, tel 050 941111,