Bridge game parade - DELETED

Sfilata del Gioco del Ponte
Sfilata del Gioco del Ponte
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The historical parade of the Gioco del Ponte scheduled for the afternoon of Sunday 26 September has been postponed to a later date. The decision was made by the Municipal Administration, in agreement with the Parties, in consideration of the weather alert with yellow criticality for rain and strong thunderstorms from 8 am to 11.59 pm on Sunday, issued by the Civil Protection.


On Sunday 26th September, the Bridge Game parade will take place. 


Meeting for the dressing of the participants in three different areas of the city.

4.00 pm Departure of the Mezzogiorno procession from Piazza Guerrazzi, Via Croce, Corso Italia, Piazza XX Settembre.

16.00 Departure of the Tramontana procession from Largo Parlascio, X Borghi, Piazza Garibaldi.

4.45 p.m. Arrival of the two processions and assembly on Ponte di Mezzo. Exit of the Elder Rector, Mayor of Pisa, and the Council of Elders, from the atrium of Palazzo Gambacorti, which escorted by the armed picket of the Corteo dei Giudici, will reach the centre of Ponte di Mezzo.

5.00 p.m. The two Ambassadors, on horseback, will read their proclamations and declarations of intent. This will be followed by the joint blessing of the ranks and insignia of the Parties and the 12 Magistrates of the Game.

As a propitiatory symbol for an imminent resumption of the long-awaited clash on the bridge and to restore a traditional post-war ceremonial of the Game, the end of the ceremony will be marked by a flight of pigeons.

Following this, the participants will return to their respective barracks along the same route as before.