Scart, il lato bello e utile del rifiuto

Camera di Commercio di Pisa
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The Chamber of Commerce of Pisa enhances the cultural heritage linked to the company and the economy with InnovArte: a project designed to promote companies and organizations that with their work demonstrate the ability to combine art and innovation. As an experimental edition of the project, from 7th December 2017 to 15th February 2018 in the MAAC premises (Meeting Art Craft Center) of the Palazzo Affari, "SCART® the beautiful and useful side of rejection" opens, a traveling exhibition in Pisa under the direction of architect Alberto Bartalini.
The public will be able to admire for free dozens of pieces that have made the history of the Waste Recycling company of Santa Croce sull'Arno that since 2016 has become part of the Hera Group: animals, theatrical costumes, sculptures, installations and statues all rigorously realized with waste materials. The exhibition will be completed by 15 shots by the fashion photographer Andrea Varani, who has portrayed some Hera Group employees dressed in stage costumes made in the SCART workshop and worn last August by the dancers and performers who performed on stage with Andrea Bocelli on Lajatico in the extraordinary context of Teatro del Silenzio.
The company chosen for this pilot edition of InnovArte is Waste Recycling, a Tuscan company of the Herambiente Group which deals with the treatment and disposal of industrial waste and which in 2017 took over the Teseco plant branch. Waste Recycling is the owner of the SCART® brand, an artistic and communication project with which the company mission has been integrated and completed since the end of the Nineties: a project founded on the desire to restore life, thanks to the language of art, to materials that every day they become waste. SCART® is a registered trademark in Italy and in Europe, involved in numerous national and international exhibitions and which includes agreements with research and training institutes such as the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and Bologna. Precisely because of its international reach and thanks to the rich heritage of Waste Art, which includes over 900 pieces including sculptures, costumes, paintings and furniture items, SCART® has recently been awarded in the Corporate Art Awards 2017 at the Ministry of Cultural heritage.
Numerous initiatives will animate the exhibition: on December 16th, in conjunction with the Notte in Blu, Angela Nocentini, professor of the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, will perform live from 19 on a work entitled "Waste Anatomy". On December 21st, instead, award morning, beginning at 10.30, for the delivery of the XIV Innovation Award and study awards "G. Fascetti "and" G. Bernardini "arrived, respectively, at the 63rd and 28th editions. On 26th January starting from 9.30 am, the circular economy will be the protagonist with a conference entitled "From the circular economy, business opportunities for companies" which will also be attended by Ermete Realacci, President of the Environment Commission, territory and public works of the Chamber of Deputies, Fabio Iraldo, teacher of the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, Valter Tamburini, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Pisa and Maurizio Giani, Waste Recycling's Managing Director. The presentation of the catalog ends on February 15th at 7pm.
The exhibition - free admission - will be open until February 15th, Monday-Wednesday-Friday from 9 to 15, Tuesday and Thursday from 9 to 18, and Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 19. Guided tours will take place Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 16 to 18. The exhibition will remain closed on December 25th and 26th as well as January 1st and 6th. For information and events calendar, consult the website of the Chamber of Commerce of Pisa or the Facebook page of the @scartline Exhibition
Description of the exhibition - With the usual creative direction directed by Alberto Bartalini, over 50 SCART pieces including sculptures, theater costumes, statues and installations enrich the spaces of the Chamber of Commerce of Pisa. A 5-meter high Pinocchio made by Edoardo Malagigi with thousands of discarded pieces of small wooden pinocchietti overhangs the whole setting. The "Business Wo / men" installation has fifteen real figures of businessmen and women who "walk" among the visitors of the exhibition, creating a curious game between true and false, between human beings in flesh and blood and human figures. artificial: each statue was made with a specific recovery material such as leather filaments, shoe reinforcement supports, recovery cardboard, safety belts, frozen peas packages, but also leather cuttings, absorbent cloth triangles, fabric scraps , glass, scrap shearling, wood, polystyrene and recycled plastic flakes. There will also be the costumes that have been realized for various editions of the Teatro del Silenzio of Bocelli in Lajatico from the VII edition of 2012 to the XII of last summer. And then many animal sculptures and really working musical instruments including guitars, basses and the installation WaterHarps by Riccardo Sammo Casagrande where the falling of simple drops of water will play a complex harp made of old brooms, clothespins, boxes of tin, pots, pails and circular blades.