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Pisa Buskers Festival Arti Pendenti Pisa 2
Pisa Buskers Festival Arti Pendenti Pisa 2
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Saturday 14th and Saturday 21st September returns the magic of street artists in the historic center of Pisa. From 17:30 to 24 there will be the fourth edition of the Pisa Buskers that this year is renewed and becomes Art en Place: not only Nouveau Cirque that has revolutionized the concept of circus art through the use of theatricality and story but also music , theater and street art. Two days of events for over 40 shows suitable for an audience of all ages, distributed in various squares in the center of Pisa which, for the occasion, will be transformed into a parterre under the stars where street theater, music and the arts performative will be protagonists. On September 14, for the first day of the event, the women will be the protagonists of the shows and will be a Lady Buskers.
The aim of Art en Place is to develop the artistic potential of the city, escaping from more conventional forms, making art flow through the streets, outside the walls of a structure; the art free to flow like a river through the streets of the center and its tributaries, represented by the various forms of expression, which take possession of the streets and squares generating a new and different energy.
Performances by artists from all over Italy will be distributed in the setting of 4 splendid squares in the historic center of Pisa: Piazza Dante, Piazza delle Vettovaglie, Piazza Chiara Gambacorti, Largo Ciro Menotti and Piazza XX Settembre. In previous editions, the exhibition has already enhanced the scenic potential of the squares and streets of the historic center, consolidating the union between architectural beauty and performing arts. The event was consolidated thanks to the participation of international artists, some of whom performed with the most famous circus companies in the world.
The event is organized by Arti Pendenti with the contribution of the university associations News, Beat and Imats for a form of entertainment aimed at focusing attention on street arts with the desire and intention to create a new aggregative paradigm, in contrast with the approval that animates the streets and squares of the center; during the event there will be workshops and shows dedicated to children with clownish performances, circus and soap bubbles; in the evening music, aerial acrobatics and other shows, all with free admission.
The intent of the organizers is to give life to a continuous and engaging event to make the heterogeneous public aware of the potential of this type of formula, which, at the fourth act, has already shown the great potential for creating a system based on collaboration of various associations and activities operating in the artistic sector which this year involves more than 40; in the background the city center sprinkled with colors and joy enhanced in various focal points.