Cinema Normale Piazza Cavalieri 2
Cinema Normale Piazza Cavalieri 2
Piazza dei Cavalieri
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After the August break, the program of events returns to Piazza dei Cavalieri with "Summer Knights" which presents the performances of Enrico Brignano, Vittorio Sgarbi, Paolino Ruffini, Gaetano Triggiano, and the concerts of Gino Paoli, Carmen Consoli and Bandabardò, Canova and Giordana Angi.


«PisÆstate2019 - declares the councilor for culture Andrea Buscemi - wants to respond to the solicitations of the various existing publics, starting with the youth, through the presence of some of the most quoted and beloved names on the national scene who will perform in the great scenario of piazza dei Cavalieri. In Largo Ciro Menotti, where entry will be free and for which the title "Midsummer Nights" was coined, the prose will be accompanied by poetry and various forays into the specifically cultural field thanks to the contribution of the Scuola Normale Superiore. On the stage established musicians and emerging youngsters as well as the local Philharmonics. A different way of understanding the summer show that is not only entertainment but also real Culture, and that makes our city, in this period, one of the most attractive in Tuscany ».


«These are important and quality shows - says Patrizia Paoletti Tangheroni -, but also popular. We must thank this Administration for offering almost two-thirds of the summer appointments free of charge, from the billboard of "Marenia" to the evenings of Largo Ciro Menotti. We have known for some time the partners identified for the execution of these appointments and we are sure that they will be able to realize them with great seriousness and professionalism ".


"I thank the Municipality - says Sandro Giacomelli of LEG srl - for giving us the opportunity to organize the space of Ciro Menotti and to take care of the artistic direction of" Summer Knights "in a prestigious place like Piazza dei Cavalieri with shows that aim to be accessible by public of various users and tastes and with the intent to grasp the peculiarities exalting their usability compatibly with the induced local ».




Midsummer nights - from 13 to 27 July

Largo Ciro Menotti, show starts at 9.30pm (free admission)


Saturday 13: Giulio D'Agnello plays "Napoli parole e musica" (9.00 pm), followed by Paolo Conticini conversing with Giordano Bruno Guerri on the figure of Gabriele D’Annunzio (10.00 pm);

Sunday 14: "Paolo Migone show" show;

Monday 15: Cascina Philharmonic;

Tuesday 16: Scuola Normale Superiore presents "Lo landing sul luna", on the occasion of the 50th anniversary;

Wednesday 17: "Tosca", by Giacomo Puccini;

Thursday 18: Filarmonica di Calci;

Friday 19: Scuola Normale Superiore presents “Il Genio di Leonardo, on the occasion of the 500th anniversary;

Saturday 20: Antonio Salines in "Cattivi & Cattivissimi" in Shakespeare's work;

Sunday 21: Peccioli Philharmonic;

Monday 22: Alessandro Haber in concert, from Bukowsky to Tenco;

Tuesday 23: Nico Gori Tentet in concert;

Wednesday 24: Paola Gassman / Ugo Pagliai in "lectura Dantis";

Thursday 25: "Boheme", by Giacomo Puccini;

Friday 26: Gabriele Lavia recites Giacomo Leopardi;

Saturday 27: Don Backy in concert.



Summer Knights - from 28 August to 15 September

Piazza dei Cavalieri (pay shows www.legsrl.net)


Piazza dei Cavalieri, beginning of the show at 21.30 (paid shows)

Wednesday 28: Enrico Brignano's show in "I would like only one hour";

Saturday 31: show "Macerie" by Domenico Sartori (free admission), in memory of the bombing of the city of Pisa on 31 August 1943;

Friday 6: show "Vittorio Sgarbi tells Leonardo";

Saturday 7: concert by Giordana Angi "Casa tour";

Tuesday 10: performance by Paolino Ruffini in "Up and down";

Wednesday 11: concert by Gino Paoli in "A long story", with Danilo Rea, Rita Marcotulli, Alfredo Golino, Ares Tavolazzi and Chamber Orchestra of Perugia;

Thursday 12: Bandabardò concert;

Friday 13: concert by Carmen Consoli;

Saturday 14: show by Gaetano Triggiano in "Real Illusion"

Sunday 15: Canova concert in "Vivi per semper tour".