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Pirati is the theme of the Concert of Greetings of the Pisan Philharmonic on Tuesday 12th December, which will be held at the Teatro Verdi in Pisa at 9.15 pm. The concert, for the refinement of the program and for the prestige of the executive environment, represents the culmination and conclusion of the concert activity throughout the year of both the Complex of Woods, Brass and Percussion directed by Maestro Paolo Carosi, and of the work of ensemble music by the Orchestra e Chorus of the Teachers' School of Music under the direction of Prof. Carlo Franceschi.
Sea, adventures, battles, stories of death, brutality and honor, protagonists of the irresistible personality ... Who has never let himself be fascinated by pirates, by their rude and adventurous world? Musicians are certainly no exception! The concert proposes a journey through the various musical visits of this fascinating theme. They will cross different eras, meet the most disparate genres, retouch the staff and the transcriptions to adapt and be able to offer an experience as complete as possible.
A particular attention among the pieces in the program is certainly reserved to the Concerto for Trombone by Rimsky-Korsakov which represents one of the compositions often considered by the trombonists "The concert" par excellence. The concert, written in 1877 for Military Band requires a great virtuosity not only to the soloist, but also to the accompanying ensemble. For all these reasons it is difficult to listen to him in concert and therefore represents a precious rarity that should not be missed.
Guido Gemignani performs as a solo trombone, born in Torre del Lago Puccini in 1964. He inherited his passion for music from his mother and at the age of 12 began studying the trombone in the Band Music School of his country, under the guidance of the master Marino Peruzzi. At the age of 18 he enters the Luigi Boccherini Conservatory of Lucca, where he graduated in 1988 with honors under the teaching of prof. Mauro Malatesta. For several years he has collaborated as the first trombone of the Woods, Brass and Percussion Ensemble of the Pisan Philharmonic.
Also this year the Orchestra of the School of Music, the Choir of White Voices of Prof. Maria Michela Raimo and the Singing Class of Prof. Anna Maria Guarducci, directed by the Master Paolo Carosi, director of the Wood Complex will take part in the concert. Brass and Percussion. The orchestra brings together a good part of the students attending school with an annual project of ensemble music that allows to achieve a good individual practice of the instrument and make it available to a common purpose, public execution, to be pursued with a methodical and collective work. Precision and rhythmic sensitivity are enhanced by playing together while the need to adapt to a common musicality refines expressiveness and executive flexibility. The satisfaction of the success of the execution represents a powerful motivational spring that unites the effort of the students of the School and of the components of the same Complex.
Also this year at the entrance of the theater a fundraising will be organized in favor of Telethon whose mission is to advance research towards the cure of rare genetic diseases. For several years the Philharmonic Pisana has started this bond with Telethon because it believes that each of us can, and should do, do everything possible to help those who contract diseases that, due to their rarity, are neglected by large public and industrial investments. The Philharmonic tries to give, with music, a message of joy and "life" but that in some cases it is not enough and we need to do more.
On the philharmonic site you can find more information and the program.