Little festival of Trust in Piazza San Frediano

Piccolo Festival della Fiducia in Piazza San Frediano
Piccolo Festival della Fiducia in Piazza San Frediano
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The climate of growing uncertainty and mutual distrust in which we are immersed is there for all to see. An uncertainty that runs through, not without generating fractures, every level of social, institutional and personal relationships. We have begun - for example - after the first joyful and confident glances towards science, to question the steps that science itself was taking towards the virus during the pandemic.

What is at stake is the conception of the relationship with the other, the others, especially when the others are distant or different from us. Yet trust is an experience of life that we all experience in an often unconscious way. When we get on a bus we trust the driver: it is a daily experience that we put into practice, but at the same time we put it into crisis, living mistrustful towards everything and everyone.

Starting from these considerations, the Pellegrini bookshop in Pisa, in collaboration with the University Church of San Frediano, promotes the Piccolo Festival della fiducia (Little Festival of Trust), a place to put back at the centre of public debate - through the presentation of books and meetings with important personalities - that energetic and propulsive characteristic of the human being that we call trust.

Encouraged and amazed by the resounding success of the essay La legge della fiducia (The Law of Trust) by Tommaso Greco, scientific curator of the event and Professor of Philosophy of Law at the University of Pisa, it was decided to address this issue far beyond the sphere of law.

The meetings, which will begin on Wednesday 8 June and will be held in Piazza San Frediano, will address the theme of trust in the world of schools with Vanessa Roghi, a historian of the world of education, in the world of justice and the common good with former magistrates Gherardo Colombo (rights of migrants) and Edmondo Bruti Liberati (information and justice), in the world of work with Diego Guida (UCID Naples), and in the world of health with Sandro Spinsanti, a psychologist and bioethicist who will dialogue with Dr. Paolo Malacarne from Pisa. The review will open with Pierluigi Consorti, jurist at the University of Pisa, who will present the volume "Against War" by Pope Francis, and on the evening of 8 June, the garden of the Church of San Frediano will host the performance: "Notes of Trust - words and music by Carlo Ipata in dialogue with Tommaso Greco". "Trust in the earth" is the theme assigned to Michele Satta, an esteemed and renowned wine producer from Castagneto Carducci, which will be followed by a tasting of his wines. The human condition will be tackled in two apparently opposite aspects: lives as works of art in search of happiness (guest philosopher Francesca Rigotti, author of L'era del singolo) and those who in this life have lost their way but have found those who, as prison directors, have given them a second chance: Cosima Buccoliero (Awarded the prestigious Ambrogino in 2020 by the Municipality of Milan) who will present her book Senza sbarre - storia di un carcere aperto. The collection of short stories "Platero e i colori del mondo" (Platero and the colours of the world) by neurobiologist Lamberto Maffei, President Emeritus of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, will be presented as part of the event: the proceeds from the sale of the volume will be donated to the Sante Malatesta Onlus Association, which for decades has been supporting students in the city from the three universities of Pisa from countries in economic and social difficulty.

The complete programme and times of the meetings are available at in the Events section.


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