Torre Guelfa
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Urban iconographies, from the wall to the canvas.
From 21 December 2018 to 3 February 2019 - with free admission, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11.00 to 19.00 - will be hosted in Pisa at the Fortilizio and Torre Guelfa the exhibition of one of the most distinguished contemporary artists of the Pisan territory: "Ozmo , Every walls in town tells a story ".
The exhibition, curated by Gian Guido Maria Grassi and Alessandro Romanini with the project to set up the architect Roberto Pasqualetti, crowns a series of initiatives hosted in Pisa, which analyzed the various artistic, sociological, legal and conservation aspects of Street Art, with Italian and international experts.
The exhibition initiative is at the same time an opportunity to see the evolutionary state of his poetics with the new paintings by Ozmo and retrace his career as a street artist thanks to the rich photographic and video documentation supported by a widespread descriptive apparatus that will be set up in exhibition.
The more than 50 works including paintings and photos, will allow the viewer to understand the style and the technical and formal evolution of the Tuscan artist, based on a harmonious mix between a recovery of the "classic" iconographic sources supported by an in-depth historical knowledge. artistic and the subversive force of street art that maintains its vigor in the transition from the wall to the canvas.
The exhibition will also be an opportunity to present a preview of the compelling Ozmo anthological catalog, which also traces its prestigious artistic career through a substantial group of public works and interventions.
Those interventions in urban areas, which have seen him protagonist in the 5 continents, from Milan to Miami, from London to Warsaw, from New York to Shanghai to name a few.
The Pisan exhibition and the catalog show us the creative evolution of Ozmo, from the "militant" muralist interventions to the Leoncavallo (defined by Vittorio Sgarbi "The Sistine Chapel of the Street Art"), passing through the "conquest" of the temples of contemporary art like the Macro of Rome (which also hosts one of his permanent mural works) and the Museo del Novecento in Milan, until recent interventions in Pisa ("Portrait of Pi" and the iconographic "Portrait of Galileo").
An exhibition that establishes a sort of virtuous closure of a circle and celebration of the 30th anniversary, which saw Pisa protagonist since the now legendary intervention of Keith Haring in 1989, to continue in the 90s with the convention Panico Totale dedicated cult event to hip-hop culture and to Graffiti writing and more recently with other events such as the Start festival -Welcome to Pisa during which 20 murals have been created in Porta a Mare.
Through the experience of Ozmo, the exhibition intends to bear witness and to become aware of these experiences that belong to what is perhaps the currently most disruptive global movement of contemporary art, Street Art, which has had one of its main Italian centers in Pisa and Europeans.
The exhibition, created by Start-Open your eyes, with the contribution of the City of Pisa and the Pisa Foundation and the collaboration of the University of Pisa, the Palazzo Blu Foundation and the Regional Council of Tuscany, will be an important opportunity to visit the fascinating spaces of the Citadel overlooking the Lungarno: from the top of the Guelph tower, open specifically for the occasion, it will be possible to enjoy the most beautiful view of the whole city.
It is possible to organize guided tours by appointment by writing a private message here on Facebook and contacting us at our e-mail start.oye2017@gmail.com.