Parco delle Biodiversità - Il Nuovo Fontanile
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ORACLES IN / VERSE walk among the mysteries

Saturday, June 4 and Sunday, June 5 at 9:15 p.m. Biodiversity Park - The New Fountain

These are strange and dark times. Some set out on a journey: Assisi, Santiago de Compostela, St. Peter's Square. Many blaspheme, or demonstrate against the infamy of war, the nuclear threat, the ferocity of the powerful. We are not coming out of the pandemic any better. Anxieties, fears, fragility and violence have made us even more stupid and insecure. Submissive to the worst oracles: selfishness, banks, guns, money. From yesterday's wavering convictions arise new sensations, restlessness, highlighting spiritual needs, emotional needs: the disaster that surrounds us (in the etymon disaster recalls the lack of a good star to guide us) perhaps can be avoided by resorting to science, philosophy, art, nature. We seek new, more satisfying answers than what the market economy gives or denies us. So what ORACLES would we need? What secular, religious, magical prayers can reverse the course of unlove, loneliness, vulgarity, sibling slaughter, destruction of creation? For these questions, we felt the need to propose a walk among the mysteries, a secular procession that, visionarily, through a catwalk of seemingly illogical figures, will help us face the selfishness and questions to which we are no longer able to give answers. We will try to listen to the roots of an old tree, an angel scare, a smudged spring, a wandering ogre cradling an old child, a group of young creatures teaching how to err, the Dissennate of Love, the Saint of Usury and, in the end, a group of wacky creatures suggesting the need to renounce the tyrannical dictatorship of rational logical thinking, to rely at least once on that healthy part of madness that we all repress, perhaps to pander to social hypocrisy. Celebrating our 10-year anniversary, we propose an itinerant work, among the paradoxes of our time, which perhaps conceal the germs of a new becoming, of a new language, capable of better mingling sounds and words, tangible gestures and the invisibility of energies that flutter between our heavenly soul and the beast we are. 

Written and directed by Alessandro Garzella

artistic collaboration: Francesca Mainetti and Chiara Pistoia - vocal interventions: Ilaria Bellucci - sets and costumes: Manuela Trillo - poetic contributions: Aurora Vannucci - project collaboration: Teatro dell'Assedio - musicians: Tobia Bondesan, Joaquìn Cornejo, Mattia Donati, Nicola Garzella, Tommaso Iacoviello, Steve Lunardi, Simone Padovani, Giuseppe Sardina, Renzo Cristiano Telloli
With: Matilde Badini Bonzani, Ilaria Bellucci, Sara Capanna, Giovanni Cerrai, Chiara Cusino, Nicola Fania, Cosima Felline, Simona Gabbrielli, Carlo Gambaro, Alessandro Garzella, Satyamo Hernandez, Ivano Liberati, Francesca Mainetti, Debora Maurizi, Monica Morelli, Felice Pantone, Giulia Paoli, Cinzia Pedrotti, Chiara Pistoia, Marco Selmi, Aurora Vannucci

Ticket cost 10 euro

reservation required

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In collaboration with MIC, Tuscany Region, Municipality of Pisa, Pisa Foundation, ASL Northwest Tuscany, Agape Cooperative, Pro Loco Coltano, Children and Horses, Aware Knights, Theaters of Differences