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Pisa Festoval Presentazione 2
Pisa Festoval Presentazione 2
Piazza dei Cavalieri
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Ara Malikian, the opera 'Rigoletto', Tuck and Patti, Vinicio Capossela and Edoardo Bennato. These are the shows that will be staged from July 3rd to 10th in Piazza dei Cavalieri for the first edition of 'NumeriPrimi - Pisa Festival'. The review, announced a couple of months ago by the Culture Councilor, Andrea Buscemi, in the Council Commission, was officially presented this morning, 5 June, during a press conference at Palazzo Gambacorti.

"'NumeriPrimi - Pisa Festival' - explained Buscemi - is the first stage of a larger container called 'PisÆstate2019' which we will present later and which will accompany us until late September, addressing a heterogeneous public. compared to the past of which the need was felt. 'PisÆstate2019', together with 'Giugno Pisano' and 'Marenia', contributes to making our territory one of the most lively and intriguing of all of Tuscany, Fulcri of 'PisÆstate2019' will be piazza dei Knights with the first edition of 'NumeriPrimi', followed by other important events at the end of August and early September, and largo Ciro Menotti where, from 12 to 31 July, moments of theater, music and comedy will be alternated by great performers ".
There are several institutions and bodies that have collaborated to create 'Prime Numbers'. "We have involved - said art director and president of the Community News association, Paolo Tognocchi - the main cultural institutions of the city. The term 'NumeriPrimi' means people with unique characteristics that cannot be replicated and this is the philosophy that we have married for to realize the program of the event, thanks to a budget of around 230 thousand euro. Ticket prices are rather calm and, depending on the shows, will vary from 18 to 48. We have also provided special conventions such as for the under 30s, the over 60 and the Teatro Verdi subscribers. A maximum of 1,200 people will attend each evening who will attend the shows comfortably seated ".
The program
Wednesday 3rd July (21.30), concert by Ara Malikian. It will be the internationally live show of Ara Malikian, violin prodigy, in his fantastic and exciting "Royal Garage World Tour", to open the event. The Pisa concert is a stage of a world tour that has touched symbolic places, such as the Royal Albert Hall (sold out last May 20th) and that will lead him to perform at the Olympia in Paris, as well as in all major European capitals, as well as in Los Angeles, Miami and South America. Defined by the press the "Jimi Hendrix" of the violin, Malikian will perform with his super band that has been following him for years, the same one with which he presented himself at the May Day concert in Rome last year, an appointment that revealed him to the public Italian. The violinist will present to the Italian public "The Incredible Story of Violin", a variegated and colorful record, in which all his extraordinary talent emerges, both as a performer and as a composer. But the strength and the explosiveness of the concert lie in Malikian's ability to put together, without gender limitations, the classical repertoire with extraordinary interpretations of pop and rock songs. Thus we find Mozart and Radiohead, David Bowie and Bach, Paganini and Pulp Fiction, Astor Piazzolla and Led Zeppelin in an exciting crescendo. "Attending a concert by Ara Malikian is a multi-sensory experience," wrote Secolo XIX, "and the public does not resist long before it goes wild". Of Armenian origin, born in Beirut and resident in Madrid, where he conducts the symphony orchestra of the Madrid Royal Opera, Ara Malikian has numerous awards behind, including the prestigious Niccolò Paganini Award. His career seemed relegated to the "classic" context, but his violin took other paths, crossing the Armenian tradition with Middle Eastern and European influences. The passion for the classic, together with that for popular music, make Ara Malikian a unique artist of its kind, as well as a force of nature for the intense and very particular live. The Tour has so far strung over 176 concerts around the world, most of which have sold out, for over 300,000 tickets.
Friday 5th July (9.30 pm), "Rigoletto", opera in three acts by Giuseppe Verdi with libretto by Francesco Maria Piave. One of the most famous and beautiful works of the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi, "Rigoletto" will be in Piazza dei Cavalieri in full edition, with an orchestra of 45 elements, choir, sets, costumes and protagonists of absolute level. The prestigious cast sees in the main roles Gabriele Spina (Rigoletto), Domenico Menini (Duca di Mantova) and Anna Delfino (Gilda). The direction is entrusted to Franco Zappalà, the "Amedeo Modigliani" Orchestra will be conducted by Mario Menicagli and the choir of the Società Corale Pisana will have Stefano Cencetti as its Choir Master. The lights will be curated by Riccardo Tonelli, while scenes and costumes will be created thanks to the collaboration of Europa Musica. Finally, the Danzaria dance group by Arianna Quaglierini, who will take care of the choreography with Federica Taffoni. The Pisa performance coincides with the opening of the Tuscany Opera Festival, the first edition of a Tuscan circuit dedicated to opera, under the patronage of the Tuscany Region, which throughout the summer will cover towns and villages in Tuscany. Rigoletto, was composed by Giuseppe Verdi in 1850, on a libretto by Francesco Maria Piave (taken from "Le roi s'amuse" by Victor Hugo) and performed for the first time at the Teatro La Fenice in Venice on 11 March 1851. Rigoletto, from its appearance, is one of the most loved and known works of the entire opera repertoire. The public will find theatrical splendor, fascinating and famous melodies that have even entered into everyday life, such as "The woman is mobile", a plot that leaves without breath in the suspense of the events and the tragic final, even unusual atmospheric references and landscaped, but it is above all the true nature of Rigoletto, the bitter humanity of the overprotective and insecure father, the other-worldly affection that binds him to his daughter, to capture the sensitivity of the spectators and remain unforgettable. Rigoletto, on the occasion of the first performance, and for a few years was also represented with the title of "Viscardello", as at the time it took place at the behest of censorship.
Sunday 7th July (21.30) concert by Tuck and Patti. Unmissable jazz event with a duo of rare complementarity, which represents in an airy and minimalist key, the elegant musical eclecticism of San Francisco. In the early Eighties San Francisco and the Bay Area were the training ground for memorable and in some cases epic experiments in the area of jazz singing. Tuck Andress, a guitarist rooted in the fertile blues and country terrain of the Southwest (he is originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma), has evolved into the stylistic sign of Wes Montgomery, up to a complex harmonic-rhythmic-melodic dimension: alone, weaving bass lines, chords and counter-melody, it becomes a whole, very articulated rhythm section. Patti Cathcart, creature of San Mateo, in the San Francisco area, has experienced formative experiences between rock'n'roll and Rhythm & Blues, in particular some months (the last life of the great bluesman) spent with the band of T-Bone Walker. Its vibrant and moody contralto, shaded but mottled with liquid (quasi-folk) head tones, their sensual and electrical communication and the descriptive tension of the gospel of its roots have made it a cult group on the world scene.
Monday 8th July (21.30) concert by Vinicio Capossela (exclusive for the summer in Tuscany). The long-awaited return to Pisa, where it was missing for many years, by Vinicio Capossela who will present his recent "Triumph of death and other ballads for men and beasts". Defined by Rolling Stone as "the best Italian singer-songwriter" who says of him: "more than making records, he records music encyclopedias". Certainly Capossela, a true blaster of words in music, is the most original and cultured voice of the Italian singer-songwriter panorama. His unpublished album "Ballads for Men and Beasts - chronicles from the post-Middle Ages" has recently come out, where plagues and death row inmates become selfies, haters and influencers. A work of great depth also inspired by the studies and books of professor Chiara Frugoni, so much so that the Scuola Superiore Superiore of Pisa has recently compared, in a participated and beautiful meeting, the artist and the historian, in a open and mutually curious conversation starting from the thematic convergences between their respective jobs. An excerpt from the new album "Danza Macabra" is a perfect link with the fresco by Buonamico Buffalmacco depicting the Triumph of Death in the Campo Santo of Pisa. Recognized talent, since its first appearance with "All'una e trentacinque circa", an album baptized by the Targa Tenco as the best first work. Capossela's career is full of awards for the literary, musical and creative value of his extremely rich production, so much indebted to cinema and literature (Céline, Fante, Melville, Omero, Wilde ...): four Targhe Tenco, twice the Lunezia Award, Fernanda Pivano Award, Piero Ciampi Prize, De André career award. In June 2017 The Sunday Times inserted the album "Ovunque Protect" among the thirty best records of world music, saying of Vinicio Capossela that "sings like Tom Waits, writes as Ovid".
Wednesday 10th July (21.30) concert by Edoardo Bennato. Grand finale with a great Italian musician, forefather of Italian rock singer-songwriter and artist of absolute value, who gave us dozens of unforgettable songs and entire albums of the highest level. Bennato has always shown a peculiarity of unique style, a heterogeneity of influences and, above all, an intolerance towards the conventions, which have made it the progenitor of an irregular genie of our song. He is a multifaceted all-round artist and a painter of amazing sensitivity and talent. His Rock n 'Roll is the red thread that has united all the arts in which he has experimented and the stimulus that led him and led him along his path to have his say on society and the rules on which it is based. A few days ago on May 27th, Rai Due dedicated a special to him in the frame of the "Unici" format entitled "Edoardo Bennato between Rossini and rock'n'roll". Rockol says of him: "at the age of 72 Edoardo Bennato continues to be against the tide, to refuse to stay in the group, not to take the most comfortable part, not wanting to be" in line for three ". And this cost him a great deal, even in terms of primogeniture awards (like that of being the first Italian artist to fill a stadium).
Info and tickets
Box office of the Teatro Verdi in Pisa: tel. 050 941 111
Starting from Monday 10 June, summer time: Tuesday to Friday morning 11-13; Tuesday and Thursday also afternoon 16-18. Telephone sales service on 050-941188 by credit card on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2 to 4 pm.
Box Office Toscana points of sale: tel. 055 210804
Ticket office of the Festival On the evening of the shows starting at 7.00 pm (via Ulisse Dini the only access to the Piazza), press 339 8556862,