Mura Night Experience Cinema Tour

Mura Night Experience Tour Cinematografici
Mura Night Experience Tour Cinematografici
Mura di Pisa
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The night-time film tours curated by Acquario della Memoria in the 'Classic' and 'World War II' versions are back.

The Classic tour is an original tale that, through immersive projections and audio, allows visitors to relive the city's history from Roman times to medieval glories, from the industrial revolution to the present day.

The tour on the Second World War retraces the events of the city from the entry into the war to the liberation: the enthusiasm of the beginning, the bombing, the German occupation, the resistance of the Casarosa partisan brigade, the city divided in two by the Arno front, the cathedral invaded by evacuees, the Camposanto Monumentale fire, the Nazi round-ups, the liberation.

The appointments will be held on Saturday 10 December (Classic tour), Saturday 17 December (War tour), Monday 26 December and Sunday 1 January (Classic tour), Saturday 7 January (War tour). The start of the tours, real 'walking cinema' experiences, will be at 6 p.m. at the Torre Piezometrica (Polo Fibonacci, ex Marzotto, with access from the cycle-pedestrian walkway outside the Walls, which can be reached from Via San Francesco or Via Vittorio Veneto), arriving at approximately 7.30 p.m. in Piazza dei Miracoli. The length of the walk is approximately 2 kilometres. Tickets are 10 euro (plus 1.50 euro pre-sale), free of charge for accompanying persons with disabilities, recommended for ages 12 and up.

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