Botanical Walls during Giugno Pisano

Mura botaniche nel giugno pisano
Mura botaniche nel giugno pisano
Mura di Pisa
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At the height of the June Pisano the Ancient Walls are dressed in new colours: these are those of the flowers and small shrubs that grow high up in the spaces between the stones and whose roots contribute to the stability of the monument. To learn more about this particular urban flora, on Saturday 11 June the Walls of Pisa and the Botanical Garden are organising a special guided tour: starting from the Piezometric Tower of the Fibonacci Pole (access from Via San Francesco or Via Vittorio Veneto), a walk at altitude up to Piazza dei Miracoli and finally a stop in the Botanical Garden in Via Roma, a true jewel of the city that contains plant species and stories to tell. The staff of the Botanical Garden and Museum will illustrate to participants both the characteristics of the vegetation they will encounter along the route on the top of the Walls, and the particular beauties of the open-air museum that houses plants from all continents. Info on, and the MuradiPisa app

Three departures, one in the morning and two in the mid-afternoon looking for cooler temperatures: at 10 a.m., at 4.30 p.m. and at 5 p.m. Duration about three hours, limited places with reservation recommended by e-mail to by Friday 10 June at 12 p.m. Ticket €8 includes access to the Walls and access to the Botanical Garden, to be paid on site.

The Botanical Garden was founded in 1543 by the naturalist, physician and botanist Luca Ghini: it is the first university botanical garden in the world and houses plants from the five continents. The Botanical Museum houses portraits of illustrious botanists, objects related to the 18th century teaching of the subject, plant specimens, paleobotanical collections, a xylotheque, and much more. They are part of the Athenaeum's museum system.Botanical Garden and Walls of Pisa have an agreement: with one entrance, you are entitled to a reduced ticket for access to the other monument.