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Porta Incontro 2
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The exhibition 'The door of the meeting', which has been hosting works by 25 international artists at the SMS Exhibition Center since 20th December, is an exhibition of paintings, images, sculptures, shapes and colors proposed by young artists from all over the world. world, as a moment of encounter between culture, languages, religions and different forms of expression. In fact, on Wednesday 20th December, with the inaugural dialogue between Professor Franco Cardini and Professor Fabrizio Franceschini, on the theme of 'The Language of Art in the History of Cultures', the cultural project organized by the Culture Department of the City of Pisa together at the Accademia di Brera, to remember Pisa's vocation as a meeting and cultural and artistic exchange city.
"The door - recalls Professor Franceschini - can often be closed, and we see it in today's historical phase in the Mediterranean, but in the meeting it opens up to cultural exchanges, like the many that have been there in the history of the Mediterranean, of which Pisa he brings many testimonies in his architecture and in the history of his scientific discoveries, just think of Fibonacci ". "The meeting - continues the curator of the exhibition, Professor Falmi - opens up new creative hands, new eyes thirsting to see, like those of young artists participating in the exhibition.The exhibition stems from the idea of comparing the cultures, because it is precisely from the encounter that art is born ".
To present this project that will bring young artists from around the world to Pisa to decorate the jersey that are found in the streets of our city center, this exhibition was organized to present the project at the SMS Exhibition Center on the Arno River, which represents an another symbolic meeting place, recently inaugurated in the part of the Artistic Residences. "The idea that animates this project - explains the commissioner Andrea Ferrante - is to transform the barriers, like the reinforced concrete structures placed today in the centers of many European cities following the terrorist attacks, in forms of dialogue: in benches , chairs, meeting places and decorate them with bright colors at the hands of the young artists of the Fine Arts academies. We want to emphasize that Pisa has always been a city of trade, cultural exchange and must continue to be today a center of studies at the level international".
The group show sees the presence of 25 Fine Arts students from all over the world, from Colombia to China, Iran, Turkey, Albania, the Romans, Serbia, Bulgaria, Denmark, and of course the 'Italy. An exhibition open to new languages, which wants to be a meeting place, a comparison of ideas, languages, which will begin December 20th and will continue until February 10th. Starting from February, some of the young artists of the Brera Academy will be staying in Pisa to decorate and transform, in collaboration with the students of the Artistic Lyceum Russoli, the anti-terrorist barriers in meeting places and art.
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