Mostra "Gipi. Storie d'artista" a Palazzo Blu

Mostra Gipi Palazzo Blu 2
Mostra Gipi Palazzo Blu 2
Palazzo Blu
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Gipi is the protagonist of Palazzo Blu summer exhibition, curated by Giorgio Bacci. In the century Gian Alfonso Pacinotti, born in Pisa in 1963, Gipi is a multi-talented talent and one of the major protagonists of the Italian cultural scene. Internationally renowned cartoonist and designer, winner of the most important industry awards in Europe, he is at his first exhibition in Pisa, which is titled "Gipi. Artist's stories' and will be inaugurated on Friday 14 June.
The exhibition offers a wide selection of original tables, over ninety drawings, from some of its greatest successes and allows you to enter the creative world of one of the most appreciated contemporary talents. Fascinating is the stylistic variety of the works on display: from the wide and poetic landscape openings to the tight dialogical parts, Gipi combines refined pictorial sensitivity and narrative talent, involving the spectator / reader in stories that capture attention. The exhibition allows you to follow the career development of the artist, appreciating the narrative ability and artistic ability and proposes original drawings taken from Esterno notte, The land of children, a story, Notes for a war story. A selection of works that is striking for the exciting succession of different techniques and styles. From the mixed technique of Esterno Notte to the watercolors of a story and Notes for a war story, up to the markers of La Terra dei figli, the visitor can see the multiplicity of expressive tools used.
For the fifth consecutive year the cycle of summer art exhibitions at Palazzo Blu is dedicated to artist graphics. Gipi is a cartoonist, but he is also a writer, illustrator and director. Over the years he has received numerous awards in prestigious international literary and artistic competitions, from the Goscinny Award (and Best Book) to the 2006 Angôuleme Festival for Notes for a War Story, also reported by the magazine 'Lire' as one of the 20 best books of 2005, at the Max und Moritz award, again in 2006 for Gli Innocenti (best foreign book at the Erlangen Comics Festival), up to the Micheluzzi prize for best designer at the Comicon Festival in Naples, won in 2004 with Esterno Notte and in 2005 with This is the room; he was then appointed Magister for the 2019 edition. The inclusion of the unastoria graphic novel in the twelve finalists of the Premio Strega, in 2014, marks a watershed in contemporary criticism: for the first time a comic is reported to receive a prize of nature purely literary.
The story underlines one of the specific characteristics of Gipi: going beyond the established boundaries and following the instinct of continuous experimentation, becoming also the director of some auteur films successfully presented at the Venice Film Festival (in 2011 L'ultimo terrestre and in 2018 the happiest boy in the world).