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Mostra Con gli occhi di
Mostra Con gli occhi di
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Four different places in the city for a single exhibition that tells the story of Pisa. The painting exhibition "Pisa con gli occhi di" (Pisa with the eyes of) starts today, 15th November (5 p.m.), until 27th November. It will be held in four different and evocative places: the atrium of the Town Hall in Palazzo Gambacorti, Palazzo Lanfranchi, the foyer of the Verdi Theatre and the recently opened Sammartino Arsenale in Via San Martino.

Pisa, with its historical, artistic and scenic beauties, is certainly an attractive place for tourists, but often only the symbolic places such as Piazza dei Miracoli, Piazza dei Cavalieri and the Lungarni are seen. The initiative, which has the patronage of the Municipality of Pisa and the Verdi Theatre, is the result of a project by the associations Piagge Convivio, I Cavalieri, AlterEgo and San Francesco, and intends to continue this discovery through the eyes of other subjects such as photographers, or children or the elderly, using other venues in which to present these works.

Until 27 November, these venues will host artists, either individually or collectively, who will propose, each in their own way, what has struck them about the city. Ernando Venanzi will exhibit in the atrium of the City Hall, Bruno Pollacci in Palazzo Lanfranchi; the Arte Arno Studio group, with its artists, will be in the foyer of the theatre while GAMec will bring its artists to the Sammartino Arsenale.

During the period of the exhibition it will be possible to meet the artists and share with them the motivations that led them to those places they have fixed in the canvas so as to make the appointment even more direct and interactive.