Mille Miglia in Pisa

La Mille Miglia torna a Pisa nel giorno di San Ranieri
La Mille Miglia torna a Pisa nel giorno di San Ranieri
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Seven years later, the Mille Miglia, the historic motoring event founded in 1927, returns to Pisa. The 2021 edition will take place from 16 to 19 June and will face an anti-clockwise route around Italy, from Brescia to Rome and back. Pisa will be involved in the competition during the second stage - Viareggio-Rome, scheduled for 17 June - with the cars passing along the lungarni before reaching the coast. On the evening before, 16 June, the Ferrari Tribute to 1000 Miglia event will also take place on the coast, with the first leg passing through and ending in Marina di Pisa and Tirrenia. In the last few days, the Municipal Council has approved an act of policy for the definition of initiatives related to the passage of the event.

 The vintage cars will parade along the Lungarni on 17 June, the day of San Ranieri, and then reach, for the first time in the history of the competition, our coastline. The evening before, the coast will be the absolute protagonist of the passage of a stage of the Ferrari Tribute to 1000 Miglia, with a stop from 20.30.