Marenia NonSoloMare - Radio Bruno

Marenia NonSoloMare - Radio Bruno
Marenia NonSoloMare - Radio Bruno
Piazza Belvedere, Tirrenia
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"Marenia NonSoloMare" is the review of summer events promoted by the Municipality of Pisa, Department of Tourism, with the contribution of the Chamber of Commerce of Pisa, the collaboration of the Verdi Theater Foundation of Pisa, the support of Confcommercio province of Pisa, Confesercenti Toscana Nord , Pro Loco Litorale Pisano and the participation of the Eliopoli cultural association and of the independent libraries of the city and the coast. All appointments are free, subject to availability. Reservations required:

In Piazza Belvedere in Tirrenia, from Sunday 27 June 5 evenings of music and entertainment with the Radio Bruno truck are scheduled from 7 to 12 pm (27 June, 3 - 10 - 17 - 23 July).