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Gamec Centro Arte moderna di Pisa
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On Saturday 11th November it will be launched the exhibit "Livorno contemporanea, edition 2017" at 6pm at Gamec, Centro Arte Moderna Pisa, organised by Massimiliano Sbrana, who will host art works from 4 popular contemporary artists, Stefano Ballantini, Peppino Biagioli, Pierpaolo Mancinelli, Antonio Pappalardo. 

Stefano Ballantini - As a boy he cultivates passion for painting. Passion that will be fueled by the suggestion of the history of the macchiaioli that in that area of Tuscany had some weight. In his works, in fact, the sentimental vision of a campaign in the twilight of the seasons is a hollowed-out harmony that is avoided by any vulgar human intrusion, locked in a sort of poetic abandonment that knows melancholy pride, anxieties destined to swear uncertain beyond the daily disillusion. Ballantini's realism emancipates itself by a natural vocation: reckless with aligido calligraphism in fashion, intends to stimulate intimate dialogue that also involves memory.
Peppino Biagioli- The artist and architect, born in Rome and operating in Pistoia, devoted himself to art since his youth and, always in search of a deepening of his particular painting, the outstanding designer is among the rare contemporary painters who know to make and revive still at high levels, the traditional painting of the great artists who have worked in the long span of the fifteenth to the late nineteenth century in Italy and beyond. His extraordinary studio does not end with painting but is enriched by its heterogeneity, the most difficult forms of contemporary arts.
Pierpaolo Mancinelli - They are digital artwork and canvas prints that give a moving and button chromatic geometry: different perspectives and graphic structures that move along converging lines and signs that in some cases embroider a lively luminous texture to look for what today the world is: restitution of conflicts, ambitions, competitions, adaptations of a West massed in tastes as well as choices. In the artistic research of Pierpaolo Mancinelli, the need and urgency of expressing a modern and evolving technological dimension are felt, his works speak of innovation and excitement, technology and imagination, for a perfectly conscious artist of the reality in which he lives.
Antonio Pappalardo - His painting is definitely the road of the non-representation of reality in which color is the main instrument. An intense and lively color, sometimes delicate and subtle, in any case always capable of evocative resonances. His paintings bear witness to a never-tired, but dynamic, painting, able to define a private space of intense and authentic moments of visual poetry.
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The exhibition will continue until November 22 (free admission). Hours: 10-12.30 / 16.30-19 (weekdays); Sunday 12 November 17-19.30 (holidays call); closed Monday.