"There is a tower that hangs over the city of Pisa instead of rising". Start with these words the manifesto "La Torre Storta", the cornerstone of an emerging movement, undersigned by dozens of individuals, associations, cultural spaces and businesses of Pisa, which gives the name to a calendar of initiatives in Pisa on the theme of "queer ". Teatro Rossi Open, Cantiere Sanbernardo, Lumière, Glauco - LGBTQI University Association *, Pinkriot Arcigay, La Collettiva, Queersquilie, Pisa Underground Movement, Second Floor on the Left. These are the promoters and organizers of the calendar, who have designed over 20 initiatives aimed at different audiences, from 17 March to 10 June.
The festival begins on Saturday 17 March at the Lumière (vicolo del Tidi 6), with the two-day event entitled "No time no body - music and performance from the defeat of the genre". Saturday, March 17 at 23: Populous, Sunday, March 18 at 19 theatrical show with Irene Serini "Abracadabra, spells of Mario Mieli". Admission to both evenings 5 euros
The La Torre Storta festival starts from the need to disseminate correct information and knowledge tools on the theme of queer and its infinite variations. Starting from the concrete, everyday experiences of those who have built and designed the festival. So what can queer be in the public space of this university city, which is the one who has had the good fortune to be born and who fortunately has been able to get there? How do our different, multifaceted and ambiguous bodies run through its public space? Which dragons do we wear on a daily basis to fulfill the respectability of academic life? Where does the polymorphic sexuality of the city of the retort tower go underground? The winking and polymorphic Pisa can be a city for queer subjects?