Sala espositiva "Sopra le Logge"
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The exhibition "Iterum - A second time", a personal exhibition by the artist Roberto Berrugi, under the patronage of the Municipality of Pisa and organized by ACS Art Center, opens on Friday 16 October at the 'Sopra le Logge' exhibition hall in Pisa. The exhibition, with free admission, is spread over different exhibition areas that include numerous celebratory works, and is accompanied by didactic panels and catalog, published by Edizioni ETS. The inauguration is scheduled for Friday 16 at 18; the exhibition will remain open every day from 5 pm to 8 pm until 6 November. Guided tours for schools are possible with reservation.

Over fifty works created from 2012 to today will be exhibited: a creative path strewn with futuristic and innovative forms, the world that Berrugi designs, thanks to his ability to dialogue with metal, heating and shaping it with harmony and welding together the heavy and obsolete material of old and unusable automotive components. The exhibition is divided into an evocative path that transforms, piece by piece, the ideal of stillness and the concept of the obsolete into a true and never banal system of new fusions and forms, graceful and at times ironic.

On display mythological and abstract characters made with old radiators that, in a refined way, tell a future metal epic as bent by the wind. The installation of abstracts opens the doors to works dedicated to mythology, the driving force behind the exhibition, where Berrugi talks about automata and robots inspired by the great figures of the mythological past, such as Hector and Achilles. All through the incredible range of the world dedicated to sound and music.