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Locandina Generale
Locandina Generale
Palazzo Reale
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Free entry to the National Museum of the Royal Palace
As part of the initiative of the MIBAC #iovadoalmuseo, on Monday 25 March the National Museum of the Royal Palace will be open for free from 9.00am to 2.00pm (last admission at 1.30pm). A date chosen for the importance it has in Pisan history; it coincides, in fact, with the Pisan New Year which, according to the ancient time calculation, indicates in March 25, the incarnation of Christ, the beginning of the Pisan civic calendar. The free opening will be an opportunity for everyone to appreciate the Pisan residence of families that for centuries reigned in Tuscany and Italy, the Medici, the Lorraine and the Savoy.
It will be possible to visit the valuable collections in the Museum whose layout reflects the magnificence of the families who used Palazzo Reale as their residence, but also contemplates aspects of daily life, through period furnishings and works of art from the collections that belonged to it to these eminent families and private donations. The cultural heritage allows us to grasp the characteristics of the secular artistic production, from the late sixteenth to the twentieth century, created or collected for Pisa by the ruling families and its citizens.
Below all the next free openings of the Palazzo Reale Museum as part of the #iovadoalmuseo initiative
June 1 Eve of the Feast of June 2
15 June –Vigilia of the Feast of San Ranieri
June 29 - Eve of the Feast of the Game of the Bridge
September 21 - European Heritage Days and Feast of St. Matthew
4 October - Feasts of San Francesco and Santa Caterina
November 4 - National Unity Day
30 November - Feast of Tuscany
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