The Solar System in the Park

Il Sistema Solare nel Parco
Il Sistema Solare nel Parco
Parco di San Rossore
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From 10 to 30 September along the paths of the San Rossore Park it will be possible to travel through the solar system thanks to the installation 'The Path of Enlil'. Inspired by the ancient vision of the celestial vault, it takes its name from the eponymous strip of sky presided over by Enlil: Sovereign God of the Sumerian pantheon. The installation, devised by Tommaso Sorrentino and realised by La Nuova Limonaia with the patronage of the Park Authority and the contribution of the Fondazione Pisa, unfolds along a path in seven stages, constituting a faithful scale replica of our solar system. It will be framed by a series of six events designed to combine art, nature and celestial suggestions, allowing one to relive that union between man and sky that was so dear to the peoples of the past. For further information and reservations: In the event of adverse weather conditions, the walks and observations will be postponed to the following day.

The programme

Saturday 10 September from 5.00 pm
Inauguration - A walk among the stars of the solar system to discover the Enlil Trail.

Tuesday 13 September from 7.30 p.m.
The Moon Sky - Concert by the Vincenzo Galilei Choir. An event to immerse oneself in the sky and its suggestions. Selection of pieces performed by the Vincenzo Galilei choir with guided illustrations of the constellations and the myths to which they refer on the celestial vault. Followed by telescope observation and sky reading.

Sunday 18 September from 4 p.m.
The Water Path - An emotional experience to discover the importance of water and its relevance to life. Virtual planetary journey to discover the water reserves in the universe and the constellations of the Celestial Sea. Guided tour along the Park's waterways to fully experience the uniqueness of our Planet and the importance of its protection.

Friday 23 September from 4 p.m.
The Sun and Time - Planetarium projection illustrating the apparent motions of the Sun and their significance for the seasons. Guided tour of the sundial and Earth model with illustration.

Wednesday 28 September from 4 p.m.
Excursion into the Solar System - Journey along the planets of the Enlil Trail to compare their surface and geology with those of our planet and its surroundings.

Friday 30 September from 4 p.m.
The zodiac and its surroundings - A walk to discover the main planets of the Enlil Trail followed by a planetarium projection with an illustration of the main zodiac constellations, their myths and origins. Followed by telescope observation and sky reading.