Il silenzio degli eroi semplici

Teatro Verdi
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In the dense program of initiatives that the Municipality of Pisa, together with many cultural and social realities, proposes for the Memorial Day, collecting it under the title of "Pisa does not forget", Thursday, January 25th at 10 am, at the Teatro Verdi, out of subscription in the Prose Season, the silence of the simple heroes is scheduled ", the story of Giorgio Nissim, Don Arturo Paoli, Gino Bartali and other protagonists of the Civil Resistance in Tuscany, text, music and direction by Piero Nissim, a matinee conceived for schools and for university students, but also open to all, in collaboration with the Culture and Education Program of the Department for Educational Policies. A show to remember some of the protagonists of the civil resistance in Tuscany.
The silence of the simple heroes looks to those generous men who, in 1943, in Lucca, Pisa, Florence and other areas of Tuscany, acting in hiding and at constant risk of their lives, with their civil resistance action managed to save hundreds of persecuted by Nazi-fascism. Giorgio Nissim, a Pisan Jew in those displaced years in Lucca, led them. With him, in an organization "improvised" as efficient, there were many other "simple heroes", silent and with a spirit of solidarity: Don Arturo Paoli of the Convent of the Oblates of Lucca (later a missionary in Latin America), Gino Bartali, the great champion who during the training was the "postman" and delivered the false documents around Tuscany. There was Nando Martini (future mayor of Lucca after the war) and his family and many others, men and women, simple and courageous people, who never claimed their altruism. Piero Nissim, Giorgio's son, wanted to bring this exemplary and little-known story into the theater, contributing to the retention of an important page in our contemporary history.
The show, which will be introduced by the councilor Marilù Chiofalo, who will also bring greetings from the Mayor, and Alfredo De Girolamo, is played by Matteo Micheli (Giorgio Nissim), Costantino Buttitta (Don Arturo Paoli), Riccardo Sati (Gino Bartali and German officer), Daniela Bertini in female roles (the young Renata Martini, Myriam Plotkin, Johanna Greve who was saved thanks to Giorgio Nissim, a Sister of Clausura of Assisi who met Gino Bartali, cycling champion, under a different guise); poet / singer Piero Nissim himself; percussionist the Livornese fantasist David Domilici; soprano Maria Bruno, lyrical singing teacher at the Passaglia of Lucca; narrator the prof. Marco Rossi, a well-known cardiologist but also a lover of theater on the themes of legality and civil commitment. The silence of the simple heroes is sponsored by the Tuscany Regional Council, the Municipality of Pisa, ANPI of Pisa, UCEI, the Jewish Community of Pisa, the Arpa Foundation, the collaboration of Laboratorio Brunier, Il Gabbiano, Lo Zoccolo Duro, Edistudio by Brunetto Casini and the sponsorships of PAIM Cooperativa Sociale Pisa Onlus, Arpa Foundation, Acque spa, Vasco Scarpellini srl.
Tickets cost 8 euros; the places left available for booking schools ended are on sale at the Teatro Verdi Box Office on Thursday 25 January before the show. For more information; tel. 050-941111,