Grupo Compay Segundo di Buena Vista Social Club in concerto

Grupo Compay Segundo 1 2
Grupo Compay Segundo 1 2
Eliopoli center
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Tuesday, July 30th in Eliopoli - Calambrone, 10 pm
The only formation chosen directly by Maximo Francisco Repilado Muñoz (Compay Segundo) as his spiritual successor, the ‘Grupo Compay Segundo’ will be the protagonist of the Roman Summer 2019 for a great event of Cuban music, tradition and culture.
The Grupo Compay Segundo sees as one of its members Salvador Repilado the son of the great artist, thanks to which the soul of Compay Segundo is therefore always present in the Cuban complex, which took the name just after his death, thus perpetuating the testimony of one of the most famous artists in the world.
Founded in 1996 to revive popular pre-revolution music with Ry Cooder and Juan de Marcos González, the group took its name from the historic venue for live concerts right in the Buenavista district of the Cuban capital. The success is planetary from the first studio work, with completely sold out world tours, so much so that the great director Wim Wenders led to make a historical documentary film about the band.
In its 23 years of activity the band has become a legend in the history of contemporary music with hundreds of thousands of fans flocked to their concerts around the globe.