Locandina Viviani2
Locandina Viviani2
Museo Piaggio
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This exhibition presents to the public rarely exhibited paintings and unique works in various techniques, examples of pictorial mastery and freedom of the Prince of Bocca d’Arno.

Several works from the Twenties of classic setting and Tuscan origin, works from the Thirties which accompany the transition from the “Post-Macchiaiolo” period to the exclusive world of the artist, until the Sixties, when shapes and colors blend perfectly with Viviani’s unique poetry.

The visitors can admire his innovative painting technique, the choice of colors contrasting with those used by contemporary painters, the use of colored dermographic pencils and soft pastels, which he corrected many times with brick powder, lipsticks etc.

In the fiftieth anniversary of his death, the Piaggio Museum pays homage to the most important Pisan artist, filling the gap of the twentieth century ‘s history of art that exalted Viviani primarily as an engraver and lithographer, leaving his exceptional painting and graphic qualities guiltily gloomy.