GIULIO CESARE - Opera lirica
GIULIO CESARE - Opera lirica
Teatro Verdi
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From the genius of Georg Friedrich Händel, a tale of blood and passion set in Alexandria. Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Ptolemy, Cornelia and Sextus are the protagonists of this historical drama, first performed in London in 1724, with a libretto by Nicholas Francis Haym. Händel took an unusually long time to compose the work, which he began in the summer of 1723 and finished close to the 'premiere' the following February. As was often the case at the time, the musician made considerable changes to his composition after learning the names of the performers: in the first version of Act I, Cornelia was a soprano, Sextus an alto and Ptolemy a tenor. Within days of the 'premiere', the composer continued to revise and rework his opera, moving arias from one act to another or rewriting some of them, so that the copyist had to prepare a second score. The libretto, which is extremely complicated, is fully in line with Premetastasian typology due to the intertwining of love affairs and court intrigues that follow each other in rapid scene changes. The composer deepened the dramatic situations in an extremely rich and varied score, writing what is still considered one of his best works on heroic subjects. Rediscovered in the 20th century, it is one of the best-loved of the serious works composed by Händel. A classic of the European opera tradition, it returns in a new production at the Teatro di Pisa.

Opera in three acts
libretto by Nicola Francesco Haym from Giacomo Francesco Bussani

Publisher Casa musicale Sonzogno,

New edition Barenreiter

Giulio Cesare Marco Bussi
Cleopatra Silvia Dalla Benetta
Ptolemy Sonia Prina
Cornelia Magdalena Urbanowicz
Sextus Pompeius Federico Fiorio
Achilla Rocco Lia
Curio Patrizio La Placa
Nireno Antonello Dorigo

Director Carlo Ipata
Director Enrico Stinchelli
Choreographer Daniela Maccari
Set and costume designer Giacomo Callari

Auser Musici Orchestra


24 February (general rehearsal), 25 February and 27 February

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