Giugno Pisano - il programma di domenica 30 Giugno

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Sunday 30th June
Arno River, 09.00 - 14.00
Tuscan canoe / kayak championship affiliated to the FICK (Italian Canoe Kayak Federation)
edited by Canottieri Arno Pisa ASD
200 meters race starting near the Benedictine Monastery (Lungarno Sonnino) and arriving in Piazza San Paolo in Ripa d’Arno
In the same morning different races will take place with a route up to mt. 2,000
Officine Garibaldi, 6.00 pm
"Asteroid Day"
organized by ACA in collaboration with Spacedys and Officine Garibaldi to talk about celestial bodies on the occasion of the world asteroid day
Walls of Pisa, 6.30pm - 8.00pm
"Strolling on the walls with ... Renzo Castelli ... who recounts his relationship as a historical journalist with the Walls of Pisa amid anecdotes and curiosities"
(ticket € 5.00)