FAI days

Giornate FAI di primavera 2021
Giornate FAI di primavera 2021
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MAY 15th, 2021 - MAY 16th, 2021

The two days allow you to visit sites or monuments that are little known or not open to the public, thanks to the Fondo Ambiente Italiano. Over the years, the FAI days have helped to underline the importance of national heritage, leading visitors to discover historic villas and parks, royal residences and gardens, castles and monuments, botanical gardens, nature trails to be enjoyed even by bicycle, itineraries in the villages. About 600 openings in over 300 Italian cities on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th May in full compliance with health safety regulations.

Places open 2021 in Terre di Pisa

Leopardi's places in Pisa
Basilica of San Piero in Grado