Fiera di S.Ubaldo

Fiera di S.Ubaldo, Settimana delle Piagge
Fiera di S.Ubaldo, Settimana delle Piagge
Viale delle Piagge
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The traditional feast of St. Ubaldo, which takes place in Pisa along the Piagge avenue and in the San Michele neighborhood, is back. The historic festival, which reaches its 43rd edition this year, is organized by the Piagge Committee with the support of the City of Pisa. After two years of pandemics and restrictions, the festivities return to the popular and religious origins of the occasion, with a calendar of events ranging from Monday, May 16 to Saturday, May 28, that will color Viale delle Piagge, the Church of San Michele degli Scalzi, the amphitheater of the SMS exhibition center, the green space of the SMS Municipal Library, Mau Park, the Fire Station, Lanteri Cinema, and the Church of San Jacopo and Filippo.

In addition to the many events in the neighborhood, the market exhibition will run along Piagge Avenue on Friday, May 20, Saturday, May 21 and Sunday, May 22, from 10 a.m. until 9 p.m. in the evening, consisting of about 150 booths selling plants, seeds, gardening and vegetable garden equipment, artisans, quality farms and food and wine companies from all over Italy.

The full program of events

St. Ubaldo-43rd edition: 'For peace invoked, for hope renewed, for life'

- Monday 16
6 p.m. Church of San Michele degli Scalzi: celebration of the patronal Mass of St. Ubaldo officiated by Don Lorenzo Bianchi. Blessing of oil and first anointings.

- Wednesday 18
4:30 p.m. SMS Center Amphitheater: the Bottega 'Si Legga, actors and directors all' presents the unpublished Fairy Tale Pinocchia with music and illustrations animated by Professor Michelangelo Boccaccio and Maestro Marco Perani.

- Thursday 19
5 p.m. Salita S.Ubaldo-V.le delle Piagge: inauguration of the Festival and opening of the Stand. Speakers: Michele Conti mayor of Pisa; Don Lorenzo Bianchi parish priest of S.Michele degli Scalzi; Antonio Schena president of Le Piagge Committee.
6:30 p.m. Oratorio San Michele: the meaning of Peace in a medieval saint 'Ubaldo Baldassini da Gubbio,' by Alessio Bologna
9 p.m. SMS Center Amphitheater: the Bottega 'Si legga, actors and directors all' presents the reduced adaptation of Machiavelli's La Mandragola. Musical accompaniment by Professor Michelangelo Boccaccio.

- Friday 20
Pupils of the 'Oberdan' Elementary Schools of Pisa present: 3 p.m. Salita S.Ubaldo-(Prato Municipal Library) 'Diricciopoli' exhibition of the work of the pupils of 2A and 3A, Pisan house-towers on the theme 'The Rights of Children and Girls,' right to peace through various activities in review.
5 p.m. SMS Center Amphitheater: animated and acted performance by children in grades 1, 4 and 5 from the book 'Fatty, the Hedgehog Who Transforms. In the Forest of Talents' by Sara Frediani, a resident of the 'Autistic Talents' association.
9 p.m. SMS Center Amphitheater: for the 'Spiriti solirati' review, Marco Masoni and Fabrizio Bartelloni present 'Ai confini della Spiritualità - Lucio Dalla a 10 anni dalla morte'.

- Saturday 21
3 p.m. SMS Center Amphitheater: 'Aria di Primavera' (Ed. 2022) poetry review by the Students of the Comprehensive Institute 'V.Galilei' of Pisa. To follow: Musical Essay directed by Professors Boccaccio Michelangelo and Martinelli Guido.
5:30 p.m. Church of San Michele degli Scalzi: celebration of Holy Mass officiated by Don Lorenzo Bianchi. Blessing of the flags of the St. Michael's magistracy.
6:30 p.m.
San Michele Oratory: presentation of the book 'Aloha!', epistolary novel by Luca Poli (Ed. Carmignani 2022).Author speaks.

- Sunday 22
9 a.m./11:15 a.m./6:30 p.m. Church of San Michele degli Scalzi: celebration of Holy Mass officiated by Don Lorenzo Bianchi and traditional anointing through the intercession of the saint.
9 a.m. Departing from Bar Lilli: 'PassegiAmo' with CSI GYM: getting used to walking as a non-occasional practice to encourage aggregation.
10 a.m. to 7 p.m. MAU Park: CSI on Tour 'To each his SPORT' for youth sports promotion. Games and socialization.
From 3 to 7 p.m. Fire Station (Piagge Avenue Side): 'Pompieropoli'. Firefighters meet children at the Fire Department headquarters. Simulation through games of the activities carried out by the Fire Department.
9 p.m. Church of San Michele degli Scalzi: Concert for Strings and Choir by the Pisa Sinfonietta Orchestra of the S. Francesco Cultural Association and Choir of the Pisan Philharmonic. Music by Vivaldi and Mozart. Conducted by Maestro Giovanni del Vecchio

- Tuesday, 24
Church of San Biagio, 6 p.m.: celebration of Holy Mass.
6:30 p.m.: presentation and inauguration activities of the 'E.Cuciniello' Blood Donor Association in San Biagio. Speakers: city council president Alessandro Gennai; professor Ugo Boggi, chief of General Surgery at AOUP. Present will be: Marcello Lazzeri, territorial and hospital emergency physician; Alessandro Betti, president Public Assistance of Pisa.

- Wednesday 25
6 p.m. St. Jacob and Philip Church: Holy Mass with the sick and elderly to whom the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick will be administered.

- Thursday 26
6 p.m. Lanteri Hall: '116 Years of Oblates in Pisa: spiritual, cultural and social formation'. Speakers: Father Andrea Brustolon, Oblate of the Virgin Mary and Professor Alessio Bologna, historian.

- Friday 27
5 p.m. Oratorio San Michele: Presentation of Simonetta Princivalle's poetic sylloge 'Absolute Plural' (Carmignani editions, 2022). Author speaks.
5:30 p.m. Oratorio San Jacopo e Filippo (Entrance Via Masaccio 14): 'Conflict and Pandemic: the gift to save life'. Speakers: ARPA Foundation, Caritas International, Italian Red Cross, Oblates of the Virgin Mary, Unicef. Afterwards, social apericena.
9 p.m. Church of San Jacopo e Filippo: 'Voices of Hope'. Gospel concert by Voices of Heaven and fundraiser for Ukraine.

- Saturday 28
9 p.m. Church of St. Jacopo and Philip: procession in honor of Our Lady of Grace. Departure from the Church of St. Jacopo.