Doppio appuntamento con la musica sacra di Vivaldi

Antonio Vivaldi 2
Antonio Vivaldi 2
Chiesa di S. Cecilia
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Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th October the town church of S. Cecilia and the Romanesque basilica of S. Piero a Grado will resound with the music of Antonio Vivaldi in a double concert promoted by the association Pisa Early Music with the participation of the choirs San Francesco and Vox Humana Ensemble accompanied by the Nova Armonia orchestra. The soprano Jennifer Schittino and the countertenor Alessandro Carmignani with the direction of Enrico Nuti will perform some suggestive pages of the sacred production of the red priest, including the well-known Gloria RV 589.
Church of St. Cecilia, Saturday 26th October 2019, at 9.00 pm
Basilica of S. Piero a Grado, Sunday 27th October 2019, 9.00 pm
Free admission