Dalla Macchia al Contemporaneo

Antonio Pilato
Antonio Pilato
Gamec Centro Arte moderna di Pisa
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The exhibition "Dalla Macchia al Contemporaneo" dedicated to the theme of "Landscape" will be inaugurated on Saturday 13th January at 5.30pm (open to January 24th with free admission) by Massimiliano Sbrana, at the GAMeCCentroArteModerna of Pisa (Lungarno Mediceo 26) ".
The exhibition annually collects works of painting by artists related to the most interesting reality of the contemporary Italian scene starting from important artistic testimonies related to the Tuscan tradition. Tuscany, already the cradle of Italian civilization and one of the major melting pots of modern European culture, is not only linked to the extraordinary elaboration of concepts and to forms and methods of original expression that have marked it in over two millennia of history: it was same forge of extraordinary artistic production, which dictated times and ways on the continental scene. Tuscany therefore as a laboratory of artistic and creative experiences, as a place of welcome, growth, experimentation, synthesis and cultural revival.
In this 2018 edition works by numerous artists from all over Italy are on display: Bartalucci Silvia, Bernardeschi Claudio, Berti Alberto, Biondi Giuseppe, Corrado Mimmo, De Luca Rita, Di Cocco Siberiana, Luongo Marilena, Meucci Mario, Ognissanti Zmijski Fryderyk, Pastore Palma, Pierucci Sapio Silvia, Pilate Antonio, Semino Claudio, Taddei Annamaria, Tombini Paola. In addition, the works of Dino Migliorini, Rolando Crociani, Mario Tamburini, Gino Banofanti, Alberto Martini, Andrea Bernardoni, Ferruccio Mataresi, Franco Banti and Paolo Fidanzi Giancarlo Carmignani will be on display from the "Archivio d'Arte" collection of the GAMeC CentroArteModerna of Pisa. , Massimo Gozzi.
Other information available on the website: www.centroartemoderna.com For appointments, cell. 339-3961536 (also Whatsapp, Telegram).
The exhibition will continue until January 24th (free admission). Hours: 10-12.30 / 16.30-19 (weekdays); extraordinary openings Sunday, January 14th, opening hours 17-19 (public holidays); closed Monday.