Concerto di natale con l'ensemble da camera "Il giardino di Armida"

Concerto Di Natale 3
Concerto Di Natale 3
chiesa di S. Stefano dei Cavalieri
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The chamber ensemble 'Il Giardino di Armida', composed by the masters Laura Picchi, Alessio Mannelli, Alberto Collareta, Emanuele Luzzati, Debora Caretto, Gabriele Ferdeghini and Tommaso Nicoli will perform in Pisa for Christmas.
The concert will be held December 20th at 21.15 in the national church of the Knights of St. Stephen, artistic unicum of the city of Pisa.
The occasion is entirely dedicated to Christmas, with the performance of four concerts by Italian authors, directed by maestro Pietro Consoloni:
- Antonio Vivaldi, concerts RV 121 and RV 146
- Arcangelo Corelli, big concert no.8 op. 6 'Made for Christmas Night'
- Francesco Manfredini, big concert no.12 op.3 'Pastoral for the Blessed Christmas'
Admission is free offer.