Marenia Non Solo Mare 2021 - The concerts

Marenia Non Solo Mare 2021 - I concerti
Marenia Non Solo Mare 2021 - I concerti
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"Marenia NonSoloMare" is a series of summer events promoted by the Municipality of Pisa, Department of Tourism, with the contribution of the Chamber of Commerce of Pisa, the collaboration of the Verdi Theatre Foundation of Pisa, the support of Confcommercio province of Pisa, Confesercenti Toscana Nord, Pro Loco Litorale Pisano and the participation of the cultural association Eliopoli and independent bookshops in the city and the coast. All events are free, subject to availability. Booking required:

Concerts in Marina di Pisa (7 - 12 August)

The stage in Piazza delle Baleari in Marina di Pisa lights up during the month of August with six concerts. Alongside big names such as Umberto Tozzi (7 August) and Marina Rei (10 August), there will be tribute evenings with Andy from Bluvertigo with a tribute to David Bowie (11 August), Gianfranco Butinar with his tribute to Franco Califano (12 August). Local artists such as Night Fishers (8 August) and Caporali Coraggiosi (9 August) will also take to the stage. The shows are all free of charge, but booking is compulsory while places last (email

Marenia NonSoloMare 2021

Via Repubblica Pisana, 25 - Marina di Pisa
Phone 050 36626 - 050 36593
Via Maiorca, 32 - - Marina di Pisa
Phone 050 35811
Maiorca, 45 - Marina di Pisa
Phone 050 34148