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From Sunday 27 September to Sunday 04 October the CIRCO PANIKO arrives (indeed returns) in CALAMBRONE (PI)

with a show never seen in Tuscany:


Comic SHOW of contemporary circus: acrobatics and irony ...

an unpredictable intertwining of "characters from Paniko", a work that was born at the end of the quarantine, which starts from collective reflections on breathing, distancing, etc ... but which then takes a different path, both at an artistic and poetic level, as well as in terms of content.

It deals with the more general issues that surround all of humanity:

the passing of time, contemporary society.

It is a show in constant evolution, a creative breeding ground of our desire to go on tour again and bring our shows around the world again.

Like every Paniko show, it mixes irony and acrobatics inside,

live music and circus surrealism (reworked in a contemporary key).

A fragrant show, made up of moments ... of music & acrobatic, absurd & real, sharing with the public the idea we have of the Circus ...

... never take yourself seriously

THE COMPANY CIRCO PANIKO is one of the first and most numerous Contemporary Circus companies born in Italy, 2009.

In addition to staging acrobatics and shows, WE CREATE ATMOSPHERES, IMAGINARIES and CHARACTERS out of time ... musically painted ... characters capable of living beyond the spaces of the Theater or the Circus Tent, capable of invading the squares and the imagination of the I publish everything.

Paniko is enjoying what you have in front of you, without taking the time to think about it.

The shows we offer are Free & Conscious Offer to allow EVERYONE to access the tent and participate in the PaNiKo party. The value of our work is decided by the public!

Live music has always distinguished the Paniko Circus and places it in the international circus scene as the most attentive and virtuous reality in terms of music. Paniko Circus counts 10 shows produced and realized in total autonomy. Paniko is amazement in front of something sudden and unexpected ... it is the creation of an imaginary that exists only in the imagination, which can involve everyone in the same way, balancing the differences of individuals.


26 sat. h 18.00 & h 21.00. IN INSTANT CiRcO PaNiKo

27 Sun h 16.00 & h 19.00. IN INSTANT CiRcO PaNiKo

29 mar. h 19.00. IN INSTANT CiRcO PaNiKo

30 wed. h 19.00. IN INSTANT CiRcO PaNiKo

01 th. h 19.00. IN INSTANT CiRcO PaNiKo

02 Fri h 18.00 & h 21.00. IN INSTANT CiRcO PaNiKo

03 sat. h 18.00 & h 21.00. IN INSTANTS CiRcO PaNiKo

04 sun h 18.00. IN INSTANTS CiRcO PaNiKo

Piazza Antonio Madonna, Calambrone - Pisa

info & reservations 333 6298118

Contemporary circus without animals, from 3 years. Duration 1.15

reservations required given the limited number of seats, to avoid the risk of not being able to enter and for the

compliance with safety regulations in force

ADMISSION to Free & Aware Offer

info constantly updated on the FaceBook / CircoPaniko page