Cinque giorni di eventi per la "Giovine europa"

Cinque Giorni Di Eventi Per La Giovine Europa
Cinque Giorni Di Eventi Per La Giovine Europa
Domus Mazziniana
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On April 15, 1834, Giuseppe Mazzini founded, together with a small group of Italian, Polish and German revolutionaries, the Giovine Europa in Bern, the first explicitly pan-European political organization that set itself the goal of achieving the union of the old continent.
Today, more than 180 years from that date, the Mazzinian ideal of a Europe of free and united peoples has yet to be reached but retains all its urgency and relevance in the face of the global challenges we face.
The Domus Mazziniana recalls this fundamental date for European history with five days of events.
Thursday 11 and Friday 12: International conference, in collaboration with the Livornese Committee of History of the Risorgimento and the Tuscan Coordination for Risorgimento values on A page of European history: 170 years after the siege of Livorno. The conference which will take place on the double seat of the council chamber of the province in Livorno (Thursday 11) and of the Domus Mazziniana in Pisa (Friday 12) will see Italian and foreign scholars of different sensibilities and approaches to face the long Italian and Tuscan '48 in the context of European democracy.
Saturday 13 and Sunday 14: The Domus opens its doors for a series of free guided tours (11.00 am and 4.00 pm) by the scientific director of the Institute prof. Pietro Finelli during which it will be possible to see also the letter of Giovine Europa, the first text - prior to the very foundation of Giovine Italia - in which Mazzini presents the idea of a Young Europe for the first time.
Monday 15: The day of the founding of Young Europe morning dedicated to schools with guided visits to the museum collections of the Domus and in the afternoon at 5.00 pm to an important in-depth study of current events, with the presentation of the book by Marco Piantini The Parable of Europe published by Donzelli publishing house.
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