Christmas concert of the choir of the Pisa University

Concerto Natale Coro Orchesta Pisa Universit
Concerto Natale Coro Orchesta Pisa Universit
Teatro Verdi
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On Wednesday 6th December at 9pm at Teatro Verdi and on Thursday December 7th at 9pm, the university of Pisa organises the traditional Christmas concert, well regarded from everyone. The university choir, prepared from Stefano Barandoni, and the Univesity orchestra, prepared by Manfred Giampietro, present "Aida" of Giuseppe Verdi, with the triumph choir. 

The solo artist who will sing are: Laura Brioli (Amneris), Chiara Panacci (Aida), Nicola Vocaturo (Radames), Carlo Morini (Amonastro), Alessandro Ceccarini (il Re), Giorgio Marcello (Ramfis). 

Free entrance until sale of all stock. The tickets can be booked online on on 30th november from 2pm until 8pm of December 2nd and the 4th and 5th from 9am to 7.30pm  at Palazzo alla Giornata.